Perhaps a “definition” is not needed to explain Daydreaming.
Why is that?
Because we have experienced daydreaming, so we have knowledge of it. 🙂

To “have” knowledge is to “be it.” Otherwise, it is just another belief to distract our minds in the quest for self-realization.

When we observe ourselves, we could perceive that our mind is either in the past or in the future, however our mind could be in its “own time,” that is our minds could be “daydreaming.”

It goes something like this:

Jane sees a “gorgeous” key lime cheesecake pie in the store. Jane cannot have it because she is on a new diet and Jane believes that eating a piece of cheesecake will bring an unimaginable temptation, and that cheesecake will disappear within a day.
Jane exercises her will power and leaves the bakery department of the store.

The story hasn’t finished there.
Daydreaming, “movie time” is about to begin…. 3D-glasses not required!:-)

As Jane shops for some items she sees herself with a new and improved figure that will happen exactly 3 months down the road, and then to celebrate that important milestone in her life, the “new and improved Jane” who has arrived to her “destination,” she sees herself devouring a key lime cheesecake without feeling guilty about it.

This great thought which extends over 10 minutes, will make Jane to “salivate” towards cheesecakes. That is her emotion will be in motion.

The guilt factor will appear if she goes on with her desires. Nevertheless, Jane could play with her own feelings by embracing the idea that “cheesecakes are not good for you.”

That interesting movie shall continue in a theater near you… 🙂

The point about the example above, is that we could spend valuable emotional energy while daydreaming. The outcome is that our mind will not be clear, centered for we have produced lots of imaginary thinking which we will believe to be true. Our emotions will give “life” to those imaginary thoughts.

Replace “cheesecake” with any item which will lead you into temptation… 🙂 The mind working process is the same.

An unchecked mind, will take us into the roller-coaster of emotions.

That is why, some will propose to “keep the mind busy.”
Nevertheless by being busy there is no way to get to know the mind.

To know is to be.
“True” spirituality means to know the mind so life becomes the movie and not our minds.


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