Teachings of the “World Cup.”


Spirituality is a label used to express the way of being in flow with the Totality, with life.
To flow with life is to know how to live. That is Spiritual.

Being able to watch and “participate” in the “World Cup” in Brazil, is a great opportunity to see how our understanding about life develops.

If we selected a favorite team to win, automatically we have set ourselves for duality: To win or to lose.

Obviously, we don’t want to take away the emotion of watching a game and sheering up for our favorite team.

By all means, we ought to enjoy that extra rush of adrenaline while seating in our comfy favorite chair… Nevertheless, when the game is over and the result is there, right in our face… are we still enjoying the experience despite the result? 🙂

Probably not. We forgot that it is just a game after all.
Just like life.


Ricky the “hard-core fan” elaborated his view:

“It is not just about a “team.” It is about pride. It is about belonging to a particular country and to demonstrate to “others” how good/superior/inferior/ “we” are. It is about “me” for “I” belong there. It is about “patriotism.”
Everyone is watching us and to win is everything. My whole identity gets disturbed otherwise.
I cannot contain tears of sorrow if my team loses… My rage could be with me for hours… or days…”

Javier, a “normal guy;” watched the “final game” Argentina vs. Germany.

Javier liked Argentina to win. Why? Due to a sense of belonging to a particular community. That choosing of one team over the other, gave Javier the adrenaline rush for 120 minutes.

Germany scored. Javier felt the roller coaster going downhill. Javier felt disappointed. Javier experienced an emotion.

The game finished 1-0. Germany won. Germany deserved to win. It was meant for Germany to win.
That is destiny. We make the separation of one against the other. Destiny delivers its “choice.”

Javier started smiling by seeing the celebration that was taking place at the stadium after the game was over. The Germans were elated. Their happiness was contagious.
Javier felt part of that celebration.

On the other hand, we could see the sad and long faces of the players from Argentina.
They forgot about being in a game.
It is just a game after all. Forgetting that means sorrow. Remembering that means happiness. Duality.

Although the celebration was going on, the sad faces were not part of that joyous moment.
The winners enjoyed because they won. The losers were sad because they lost. This is the “normal” way of behavior. The brainwashing.

What did they lose?
Just a game.

The award ceremony went on. The German goalkeeper was selected the “best goalkeeper” of the tournament,
He was happy for such privilege. He celebrated his award.

The captain of the team from Argentina was selected as the “best player” of the tournament.
He received the award as if it did not matter. Everyone around him was smiling … except him.

This is a great lesson in life. It is called being grateful. Many times we complain if life does not “give” us what we want, but we forget about the other things that we have received, just like that award; which had a moment in time to be celebrated.

It is the beauty of the appreciation of that instant. That is the instant when time stops and if we do not savor it right there… it will gone.

That moment, when the prize in coming to us, is all that matters…

To learn to live life with intensity means that all that exists is that moment and nothing else from the past.

To live life with intensity requires for us to feel. Without those feelings the intensity of the moment does not have the power to transform.

To transform?
Yes. Anything that is inside and outside us in that moment.

Life is a game.

Mathias the wise tree, said to Ananda:
“Friend, life is a Monopoly game. There are players playing the game as well as other players who are not there playing, but they influence the players.

The players throw the dice of destiny and they may land in “Chance and Community Chest” or Jail. That is part of the game.

When you know that it is a game, you will keep enjoying it. If you forget about being in a game, you will put yourself in stressful situations…”

In life, there are no winners or losers at the end of the day. Only players.


  1. Syracuse Machine Tools

    That was awesome article. Awww andi was sad about the game too wanted messi to finally win it.
    But you are right we have to pick a team to cheer for in the beginning as that makes watching the game a lot more fun.
    Butttt we need to promptly remind ourselves as soon as its over that its just a game and it doesnt really matter who the winner is. The POINT is to have FUN cheering and watching and playing not worrying about WINNING or LOSING.
    Process over result & journey over destination. And after all arent we all “really” one team :-))


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