Enjoyment of the carousel of life


The last 7 posts had some depth. This one could be the last one in that series. This post will attempt to put everything together.

In Oneness there is no rejection.
The dog cannot reject its tail nor its legs. All of that make up a dog. The world is “I.” What “I” do to “others,” “I” do it to myself.

Duality is a perception. When we apply our “morality” and reject one side of that perceived duality, to only accept the “good” side in our view, we will reject life just like a dog is rejecting its legs.

Life is like a carousel bringing different experiences to the observer. Religions, philosophies and so on, thrive in duality. We have learned to pick the “white horse” because … (fill in the blank) when the carousel of life will move by itself and then a black horse will be in front of us just to show us its own particular beauty; but there are other horses as well: A pinto horse, a brown horse, etc.
The “white horse” will appear all by itself again in its right time, just like the phases of the moon.

Choosing to live our lives in rejection of what life brings in this moment is to close our consciousness to the experience of enjoyment.

Anything worthwhile happens right now. To live life to the fullest is about “now.” It is not about the “afterlife” and all the great things that “we will get if we do so and so…” As mentioned before, it is not about “doing.” Ego is “doing things” continually, despite the fact that the carousel of life moves all by itself. Thus, being open in our consciousness is of paramount importance. That is how enjoyment of life appears.

Could God or any enlightened being want anything else from us but to enjoy life? 🙂

Enjoyment of the pinto horse who is right in front of us. Now.

If “I” compare “what is” with some idea about the future “white horse” because I had a dream or a vision about it… I am just living life in my head, not with my whole being. Life is now.

Carousel of Happiness 01

It is great to know about “illuminated ones” or God himself is contacting us in one way or another with teachings; but for God’s sake… 🙂 Your life is not about “them.” It is not about worshiping “them” and counting their “virtues.”

It is about “you”… and getting to know “you,” as you are now, with all the illusions and different personalities, the emotional ups and downs… with all hopes , beliefs and expectations which are not allowing “you” to enjoy life to the fullest.

There is no enlightened being who could be the “founder” of a religion or philosophy.
Because that brings separation, duality.
My group vs. the rest of the world.

It is the followers, who have created a religion and separated from “others” by doing so. It is “they” who have interpreted teachings… It is “us.”

Our language is full of duality. If an enlightened being was to communicate with us, that enlightened being will have a hard time trying to find the words which do not express duality in a teaching.

What is left then for the grasp of the majority, is the well-known: “This is good. That is bad.”

That works well for the ones who just want to follow someone but who are unable to take a deep and honest look at themselves to find the beauty and depth already within them.

Nevertheless, all is good as it is. Different consciousness. Different understanding and none is “better than another,” but every one has their own path, their own journey.
To integrate all of that variety is the challenge for us. When it is no longer a challenge, then we have understood.

If we could grasp these words, we could never laugh at someone who is lost in devotion, for that devotion brings those feelings that are needed to transform the self.
Life will bring the exact experiences that we need to open up in this diversity… We just need to open up our consciousness, like a wide open door. Flow with life. Empty yourself.

All there is left then, is to observe and appreciate the uniqueness of everyone and every moment… Just to enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy the ride! 🙂


  1. eva szauter

    Great Words !! Highly inspirational sharing ; i can see it , feel it ,hear it , sometimes even aware of it but i haven’t reached the physical or spiritual prove of it .


    • avyakt7

      Proof may be buried deep in your fears.
      Fear is not love. Fear is not freedom. Fear cannot take you into a different consciousness.
      The kid plays with dolls … And then one day … She stops. There is no remorse in her, no fear, no guilt… It is the natural consequence of a different consciousness.
      When we plant a tree, it is to see the tree grow… Not to see it as a shrub dependent on us…
      Dependency is fear… But everyone has his own timing to discover it.
      All the best to you! 🙂


      • Syracuse Machine Tools

        “Life will bring the exact experiences that we need to open up”
        Yes i often wonder why do we go thru the exact experiences which we go thru …. and why do different people experience/see the same situation differently.


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