Mind-less integration to life


The mind is an interesting “phenomena.” It is able to add creativity to our lives. It is able to take us on a fantastic trip away from the mundane… The mind is the inventor of duality in our lives.

One of the most deceitful aspects of the mind, is the belief that life follows the same “rules” that we understand or that we expect.

Is the mind “good or bad”? 🙂
By now, that question should be out of the question…I hope.

Anything in the realm of the mind is not absolute. The mind merely interprets “reality” based on what we already know.

That is why to integrate with life, we may need to put aside all of those learned things that we may take as “truth.”
The above is not easy, but could be necessary to integrate with life.

We have learned about “stats” and “rivals”… Our thought has been trained to perceive confrontation, separation, analysis and logic as the way to perceive “truth,” nevertheless in a situation out of social context, (“real” life) things do not work, as we may believe.

Let us review the “process.”
We are aware. We are in this beautiful world.
How did we get stuck in the idea of “attaining something” or “achieving something” in life? How did we get stuck in fearing to “go away” from this experience to the point of becoming sad and suffer for what is a natural process?
How did we get stuck in the game of questions and answers such as : How did I get here? What is the purpose of being here? What happens after being here? etc. 🙂

Do we see that by “doing” all of those things we are missing the experience of enjoyment of “what is” and thus , integrating with “what is” for the sake of cluttering our minds with beliefs about something which does not relate with the experience of living “now”?

That is called to live life only with our heads and forgetting the heart.
The heart feels. We feel life.

If we talk to a person, do we think: How is that person going to take advantage of me? Or what could be her ulterior motive? Do we fantasize about those “if” scenarios which only exist because we are giving life to them in our heads?

Do we want to think “logically” to untie all the knots, which have been tightly tied up in our minds?

That is why, we may need to get away from thinking. We may need to just look at things “empty minded,” to experience things without labels or judgments.

That is what is meant as “silence.” To silence the mind, not by the compulsion of “trying to do something to keep it quiet.”
That doesn’t work. That is violence.

The mind will keep itself quiet when our feelings with all their strength arrive, that is when we learn again to feel life rather than to “think about it.”

“I think I love you.”
Love is not thinking about it.

“I believe that this is the right procedure”
You may be wrong. Why don’t we give our intuition a chance, so it doesn’t get stale?

We live. Our minds are busy thinking. Those thoughts are taking us away from enjoyment of life.
Do we want to know the cause, the reason… do we want to know a solution, a ready-made recipe, a belief to explain the phenomena? Do we need to read more books to get the answer? 🙂

If we do, our thoughts will only make more thoughts in return… 🙂

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