There is no there… there… but only here now.


That quote may have lots of insight.
Let us consider 2 interesting points:

First, we could observe that we are dealing with perceptions all the time. Those perceptions could be framed, interpreted and made into a dogma.

Religions and philosophies are based on a particular perception, which could be framed as “the truth.”

Dogmatic views will need to be “upgraded” as a software to survive. Otherwise, those views will automatically succumb. They will become obsolete. Dogmas cannot resist the changes in time.

Another interesting point to consider is the “fact” that we are never the same.
There is no moment in time when there is an “I” unchanged.
In brief: There is no “I.”

That “I” is ego. Ego tends to maintain an identity by holding onto beliefs and dogmas, which will bring that identity.

“I am this. Not that.”

Oscar said: “I had a divine experience and no one is going to change my beliefs. I respect other people’s beliefs and I ask for respect of mine as well.”

If we look deeply, Oscar is unwilling to see anything else. Oscar has reached a level of comfort. For him, life is about maintaining his beliefs as they “are.”
Religions may consider that view to be “courageous or great;” however, a belief only brings greater ego as a belief strengthens the search for security and identity of ego.

Here is the paradigm: Defending a belief or dogma brings greater ego… and ego is what is usually perceived as “bad” by most religions. Under their view, we need to get rid of our ego, but defend a dogma or a belief.

Ego is not “bad.” It is a consequence of growth. A baby becomes a mature individual and that “growth” brings a sense of identity. The issue is when that ego becomes hurtful by fostering separation. Then, dissolving that ego becomes the “new” challenge.
This is the “spiritual journey” or with more amplitude: This is “Living life with beauty and depth.”

Oscar does not realize that before that “divine experience,” he had a different way of looking at things. That “divine experience” was interpreted as “arriving” at some place.

Many call that “arrival,” the “truth.”
Avyakt7 calls that ego.

Rejection of other ideas is the natural consequence of embracing a particular belief.

“Having respect for another belief” is a “nice word” to say, when our ears are already closed for anything else. Respect does not mean to ignore something.

“But… God told me this. That is the truth!”

Truth cannot be put into words when words carry duality and duality is just a perception. 🙂

If the above sinks in, then to use rationality, logic, etc. as a way to discover truth, is out of the game.
Because logic, rationality, etc. are dependent on words.

Do we see the game? 🙂

To understand our minds is the first step to understand the self. Without that precious work, there is not a possibility to live life to the fullest.

As everything is a perception, even as the static “I” is a perception begging for continuity, what may be the intelligent way to proceed in life?

To be fearful of perceptions? To say “the world is an illusion”? 🙂

How about to enjoy it …Just as when we go to play “laser tag.” It is an experience. We could choose to be fearful of the game…but at the same time we could choose to enjoy it…

Enjoyment is an attitude in life. It is the appreciation of the uniqueness of life, of a moment in life. Here and Now. Enjoyment does not come in the future. It has to be now. Now or never…
Because “I” will not be the same in the future. That is, a second from now.

To be afraid means to look for a savior, for someone to follow, for someone who has the answers, for someone who could give us comfort, etc.

That is a state of consciousness of many in the world.

To be able to move out of fear into enjoyment, could be a daunting leap of faith for some. It doesn’t have to be… it will come at its right time as long as we let it happen… A baby becomes an adult without doing anything.
That is the beauty of change. Life is change. Consciousness changes.

But..but.. I have to do something!!!
Just let it happen. 🙂


  1. ingenious23

    In one of your posts you mentioned about ‘power of now’, just to be in the moment and enjoy it. I tried this..and it works!
    I used to meditate initially..being a BK follower but now I don’t feel the need to do so…being in the moment gives you so much of power as it is!

    But still there are questions which are still lingering in my mind. For eg. We take habit of anger in someone..this habit is arising from a belief system ‘anger is needed to get work done’ . What we don’t realize is this habit comes automatically..and we don’t choose our anger consciously always.
    Now say the person ‘realized’ that the anger is doing him no good..and he wishes to change to a more peaceful nature. He will only be able to cultivate that when he ‘replaces ‘the belief system!
    So in both the cases we do have a underline belief. Same goes with each of our habit.
    Yes after the belief has become a way of life..we simply create thoughts w/o being aware of its existence..but it is still there.
    So living w/o is possible?


    • avyakt7

      Hello Ingenious23!
      There is the moment, the now. If “you” are in the now.. be in the now without that “you.”
      Isn’t anger coming from “you”? Then, to find out how that “you” gets out of the way will allow you to be…. the “now,”
      Be and let your mind rest. Observe how things arise and go anger arises and go away… observe without judgment and there will be a realization.
      Only observe observe and observe… That is the mantra… 🙂


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