Thinking about nothing


Raymond was finally home after a busy day of work.
Raymond didn’t feel like doing anything for the rest of the night. He relaxed in his couch, turned the lights off and started to look at the window while listening to Jeff Kashiwa’s “Hyde park.” 🙂

Raymond was able to listen attentively that song for the first time!
Even though, he has listened to it many times before, his mind was busy in trips back to the office, or in thinking about someone’s life, the purpose of life, etc.

Raymond was looking at the window but he wasn’t interpreting anything in his mind. There was no script playing. Raymond was thoughtless!

During that time, Raymond appreciated the beginning of silence as a prelude of the song, to a shy start into simplicity, elation and “brightness” of the tune… The slow crescendo into maturity to the fading away into silence…

That was awareness and appreciation at the same time!

Why is it so difficult to stop thinking?
Isn’t it that “I” created the thought? Then, why it is so hard to stop it? 🙂

Let us not bring explanations and theories about it. Let us not bring a belief.
Just observe the inner voice, the movie, the coming and going to different places through the mind, catch-all of that “activity” right now.
Be aware of it. Conscious.

And then, the miracle may happen… It may stop.

If we take our attention into something else, the inner activity with thoughts and ideas will start again.
Unless we are conscious of this thing happening, there is no book or religion or savior that could liberate us from living life in our heads.

Thinking is “good,” only when necessary. In our society, at this time; thinking has transformed into “over-thinking” which is a disease.

Do you want to worry about something? Do you want to plan things out to the last detail?
What about thinking about the unforeseen circumstances? Let us plan for some remedies. Let us make a scenario to think about….

All of that stuff that we have learned so we can theorize about how sound and logical our actions are, and get the approval from someone; all of that is creating a noise which does not allow us to enjoy life, to appreciate it, to sit back and relax…

Do we want tips on how not to over think?
That is, well “thought out” methods? Do we want to meditate about a thought? 🙂

Have you heard the “it is impossible not to think” theory?
That belief is an obstacle in our own discovery.

To meditate, our minds need to be clear from that noise, then that silence is healing, it is comforting, it is fulfilling.

Raymond experienced a meditative state while listening to that song.
Raymond discovered that there was no difference between life and how a song plays.
Everything starts in silence and goes back to silence.
Thus, it is in silence (thoughtless state) how we could know our essence without beliefs.


  1. ingenious23

    It is very nice post 🙂
    Just one question- if we will be “empty- minded” ..then how do we think about our dreams and aspirations..??
    We need to work in this physical world and hence our thought energy and effort will be required. how can one be empty minded then?


    • avyakt7

      Thank you! 🙂 Openness of consciousness is like an open door.
      Does it mean that we will need to keep the door open all the time so mosquitoes, flies and such could come?
      No. The door could be closed at any time.

      Just like our thoughts. We need to be aware of them. Their connections with our mind, body and emotions are displayed in our thoughts.

      Thoughts will pass by, but I can choose to be empty, thoughtless and become refreshed and aware. 🙂


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