Improving yourself


Everything is change. The one “I” was a second ago is no longer “me.” It is someone different. That difference changes in a subtle manner just as when day changes into night.
We may not realize it, but our consciousness changes as well. It will go one step at the time into greater opening or one step into closing itself. I could use the cliché: “The choice is ours” but there is no choosing once there is awareness.

If there is a storm going in the right side and calmness on the left, do we choose where do we want to go?

Look into yourself. That choosing is automatically aligned with who we are at a particular moment in time.

Being before doing. Being before choosing.

If “I cannot swim in the same river twice,” if I cannot be the same as before, how is it possible to “improve myself”?

There is only change. To live in the duality of “improvement and deterioration” is a perception of framing the “I” as being something static.

It is in that static perception of the world how dogmas thrive and that is how our consciousness gets stuck in the past.
Paul: “But you can be someone else, you can obtain things in life to improve your life style…”

Yes… we agree Paul. We could be someone else… That is granted, but we cannot be that change if our minds are framed in the past, if our minds cling to beliefs as if they were “reality” rather than another perception of it.

Since everything changes, what is “the reality”?

Paul: “So… you are saying that change is reality?”
Yes and No.

Change as a word has an opposite. We could play with antonyms and synonyms, logic and so forth.
Change in life does not have an opposite. It is what it is.

Why is there attachment?
Because we cannot accept change.

Why is there a need to improve?
Because we are caught up in duality and we cannot acknowledge spontaneous change. We have to manipulate things.

To obtain things in life is great. That may be the definition of improvement at the “office” in the “business world” etc. In life, there is openness in consciousness, that is regardless if someone has things or not.

In life “being” is first then doing and then having.
At the “office” and the “business world” having is first, doing is second and being is third.
You are what you have.
You do according to what you have.

Do we see the game? 🙂

Do we reject the “office” mentality then?
We embrace it. We integrate it. In this way we could flow with change.

Acceptance of everything may be the single most important teaching in life. To accept without the “thought” of accepting, could be the most sublime.

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