Question: Looking on being right rather than wrong


“Profound and thought-provoking post. (Spirituality, repression and control: )
If externally imposed morality leads to double -standards and dishonesty/ hypocrisy ( and I agree with that fully) then how do flawed humans that we are discriminate right from wrong? Inner compass is not auto-calibrated in all, hence transformation needs some cardinal points- true North- to align righteously?”

Thank you for your interesting question.

Yesterday it was shared that there is no moment in time when we “are” the same. Avyakt7 is a label and behind that label there is someone who is continually changing by opening his consciousness; therefore, “no one” in particular… paradoxically. 🙂

Your agreement with some aspects of what Avyakt7 has shared, only indicates your location of consciousness at a particular point in time. That does not mean that because we both agree, that thing is automatically “right.”

In my current state of consciousness, there is no such a thing as “right or wrong” in life but every intention has the potential to turn into an action and that has a consequence.
It is “what it is” and judgments are out of the question. Everything which has happened in life had a “motive” for being that way. My moral judgments about rightness or wrongness are not needed. Human moral behavior in society is part of life, but it is not necessarily the reflection of what Nature and the Universe manifests. Humans expect that our understanding of “our world” at the “office,” in business, in cyber space, in logic, reasoning and analysis is the one which could give us an accurate view of what is “out there” in life.

A religious mind is of no use as well, for a religious mind already has lenses to look at things. It has a flag to defend and a dogma to maintain, thus that mind has a need to interpret experiences for a particular collective consciousness to believe that “we have the truth.”

In my experience life is not like that.

Let me elaborate on the above.
Experiences in life are like the story of going from day to-night. Every experience has a degree from one extreme to another.

Many are stuck with the experiences at 6 AM, at Dawn. These individuals call that experience “right, pure, Godly, happy, etc” As the day advances that “righteousness” becomes “wrong” so at 5 AM something totally wrong, that is totally dark will give birth to Dawn at 6 AM again… 🙂 Darkness and light are related. Their timing is different and that makes our experiences different…in time.

How can you be “right” if you don’t know about “wrong”? How do you know something without experiencing unless your insight is used?
The easy answer is to follow someone who we deem to be “right,” nevertheless; our insight, our inner knowing beyond intellectual debates and logical games, will remain dormant.
Following someone has its time and that time is different for everyone.

Someone who shows courage has the potential as well to show cowardice at a different time. As a matter of fact, both ranges of experiences will be experienced.

If we understand that, how could we generalize and call humans as “flawed”?
Let us get rid of that label, of that belief.

As the song from one of my favorite groups of all time “Depeche Mode” illustrates in “Nothing.”

“Life is full of surprises
It advertises nothing, nothing”
Always knows the prospects
Learn to expect nothing, nothing.”

We give meaning to what is out there, based on what we ARE “inside.” The outside merely reflects the inside.
Because the mirror can only reflect the source.
To transform the self is not a matter of intellectual discrimination of “wrong vs. right” actions, although Avyakt7 respects those who feel that way.
As shared before, actions are “nothing” when intentions are the honest source of that action.
Intentions come from your feelings. Those feelings are the manifestation of what you ARE.
That is why, Being is before doing and having. To follow a moral code just for the sake of following without a change of consciousness, a change of being… That may be externally “good” but internally of no use.

For example: Raymond does not eat meat. If Susan has a cookout with hamburgers, bacon and steaks…that will not “tempt” a bit Raymond’s being.
It is not because Raymond feels sorry for animals or because Raymond thinks that eating meat is unhealthy. Those thoughts are artificial.
Raymond’s consciousness is aligned with living and to let others live. He does not need a commandment, but at the same time there is no rejection in him when someone eats meat. There is acceptance.
Being aligned with life and letting live has its own consequence. There is no need to label someone as “good or bad, pure or impure.” There is no need to teach anyone a lesson.

Since we are in different states of consciousness, some may need to follow a path, a religion, someone to tell them what is “right and wrong.”
That is a good beginning which reflects our consciousness.
If we allow our consciousness to open, to move by simply accepting the experiences in life and by not rejecting life itself, then we could be able to develop our insight which already knows. At that point “right or wrong” acquires a different meaning.

As Depeche Mode would put it:
What am I trying to do?
What am I trying to say?
I’m not trying to tell you anything
You didn’t know when you woke up today

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