Discovering the covered self


The world as Nature or the Universe showcases only “what is.”
This statement may seem too obvious or senseless, but to understand “what is” without beliefs and preconceptions could be a challenging task which comes when we start to “unlearn.”

Some may label “what is” with colorful names: Beautiful, ugly, good, bad, correct, incorrect, etc.

The paradox to keep in mind is that this “giant mirror” only reflects the viewer.

Question: What do you mean?
It reflects what the viewer “IS.”
It doesn’t reflect what the viewer will become or what he has been. It only reflects “now.”

The “problem” arises when “I” become someone rather than “being”… The Universe itself.
A flying bird does not even have the label of being a bird in its awareness. A bird “is.”
Human beings on the other hand, are pretty good about coming up with sophisticated labels to segregate and separate. Some labels are enticing while others denigrate. Duality.

And here is one of the greatest paradoxes of all time:
“The more “I” go away from “me” to search for answers, the longer it will take for those answers to come to “me.”

Do we see the extreme depth of that paradox?

It is “Me” in front of the mirror of life. What do we want to “see”?
Reality? 🙂

Are we ready for it? If we are, the “world at the office” may lose its grip on us.
We will be different from “others” perspective, although paradoxically; we will be more in tune with the birds and other “non-office” dwellers. 🙂

If we truly understood even intellectually, that we perceive things as we “ARE,” then let me ask a couple of innocent questions:

1. Who is God? Is our understanding based on what we “see” which is based on what we “ARE” or it is another hand-me-down concept to repeat which by necessity is “static” and will not reflect the nature of life, which is changing, dynamic?

As we reach another consciousness, could “our concept” change? Or it is supposed to be a “dogmatic” non-changing truth in a changing Universe?

My last innocent question is:
2. Could a belief distract us from knowing the only thing in life that we could truly know that is, ourselves?
Answer: You bet.

The paradox is that a “distraction” is also another path to the same “know thyself” therefore, that experience of being distracted, cannot be labeled as “bad” for it was “good” after all… 🙂 Got to love paradoxes, by now! 🙂

The above is truly begging for the following question: 😉
How can we know “ourselves” if we are influenced by so many perspectives and beliefs?
1. Unlearn those beliefs
2. Let Nature itself teach you, for there is no difference between Nature and “you.”
Ask any bird if in doubt …. 🙂


  1. eva szauter

    Who is God ?? Please allow me to say that ; but my experiences is keep changing .
    Always be grateful for your time and effort !!


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