Question: Who is God?


One reader asked this question.

God is a being, someone… but at the same time everything including you and me. Therefore, if you want to know God truly, you must know yourself first.
🙂 Do you like that straight “logical” answer?

Most would like to hear something like: God is this or that. Then, they would like to have his picture along with the latest copy of his holy book to learn about his teachings…

Isn’t that a human expectation based on our ways of understanding things (the world at the office)?

On the other hand, others will be looking for “proof.”
“If I cannot speak with him and ask questions to him so he can demonstrate that he is God, then I will not believe.”
Question: What are you going to ask? 🙂

Do black holes exist? How everything started? Did dinosaurs exist? Do we go to heaven/hell or do we take rebirth?

If God answers you, how could you obtain “proof” that in fact, that is so.

How about this “tricky” question: What am I going to do tomorrow… or in the future? God must know that… Right?
So… I don’t do it… and don’t believe in him 🙂
But, if the prediction happens…Lucy the ”fortune teller” across the street, could do the same… so he is an impostor…

We perceive things as we ARE.
If that hasn’t been realized, we will be looking for “logical answers.”
An intellectual could look for ways to demonstrate that the above statement is not logical and if it is not logical nor reasonable, it is not true.
That is one benefit of living in the “world at the office.” 😉

What is the belief there?
That logic is a way to discover truth. Does logic reflects Nature? Yes or No… 🙂
If “No,” then what is the use of it?
Answer: To be able to live in the “world at the office.”

If “Yes,” if logic reflects Nature, then it must change. Isn’t that logical? 🙂

The world is a huge mirror. We perceive things according to what we ARE, which goes according to our consciousness, thus the necessity to know who we ARE. The answer of the question: Who is God? goes according to that perception.

Please be aware that what we ARE is not related with “hand-me-down” knowledge or information.

Who Am I? That is the question to ask, paradoxically without asking a question or using words. 🙂

Some “spiritual gurus” have answered:
“I Am.”
Without insight, that answer is only a game of words for followers to repeat and sound “knowledgeable;” that is to build their ego.

Avyakt7’s response to who am I? is:
What I am not?

In the “world” of consciousness there is no difference between the object and the observer. Our senses make that perception of difference. Consciousness is manifested through “our” sense organs, thus the world of individuality appears.

The drop is not different from the Ocean… but at the same time they are… depending on the consciousness that you look at it.

A drop is a drop and the Ocean is not the drop. That is called logic.

A drop is the Ocean and the Ocean is the drop. That is called a Paradox.

Some will deny one side as an “illusion” and embrace the other. Both are 2 sides of the same coin.
That coin is called Oneness. In a different consciousness, we could see the coin as a whole and at the same time its 2 sides.

Therefore: as you ARE, as your consciousness IS, that is how your perception will BE.

Santa Claus exists.
I have a picture of him and I, when I was a little kid. That is the proof.

Someone may say: That wasn’t Santa. That was a guy dressing like him.

“No way. Santa gave me a gift. Santa smiled with a big “Ho, Ho, Ho” to me. That is proof. “

Little Avyakt7’s consciousness at that time had an experience with Santa Claus, an unforgettable experience when he was able to feel love and happiness of being with the one who everyone talks about at Christmas… Avyakt7 received a gift from him…

But…Avyakt7’s consciousness changed, all by itself without any help from anyone; then, Avyakt7 could say at that time that “Santa truly exists… but he doesn’t.”

One day Avyakt7 had to BE Santa for his little cousin.
At that time, there was no difference between Santa and Avyakt7.

God is logically…a coin with 3 sides. 🙂


      • travisthetraveler

        The words in the picture and the title of the post alone opened my perspective further. I am often tempted to explain my short phrases, but then I am reminded that I am only limiting the potential interpretations which I may be unaware of. We tend to mean more than we say more than we know, and it is possible for others to extract the many levels of meaning from our words if we leave it open to interpretation. Thanks for the compliment and I am very glad to have crossed paths!


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