Dissolving the “good words.”


As individuals discover that their minds are engaged with lots of “negativity,” then the “logical” step is to embrace “positivity” and reject and remove everything that is “negative.”

Isn’t that Pavlov’s training going on at “the Office”? That training is so easy to understand for mainstream, so “good” that someone could even package it with a nice paper wrapper… and voila! A new religion/ self-help/ philosophy is born…

In the business world, mainstream also known as the “masses” or with a nice pretty word, the “collective consciousness” is very important, for profit is there.

If the “collective consciousness” can embrace a “concept” then my book/CD/ training/ talk, etc. will sell after my advertising campaign is focused on the needs of “my target” audience, then “my services” will be on demand. That is the “bottom line” of “spirituality” at this time.

What are those “positive” selling words for the masses?
How about, “positive thinking”? That is the deliberate use of duality. The “bad guy” vs. the “good guy” syndrome. Why not teach instead the value of not thinking? Probably because there is “nothing” to offer. 🙂

Martha says: “ The truth is in you. I like to pick bits of truth from every group I meet.”

The idea is to collect “truth” as if “truth” was a paragraph or a nice quote from Mr. Somebody. That is the beginning of a dogmatic view. Words can only point to something and our interpretation of that which is being pointed out will change according to where our consciousness is located. An intellectual exercise of “researching and gathering data” is not the experience of living life with awareness.

How about “ You are the ones who will change the collective mentality”?
Many religious groups/self-help groups are into the belief of being the “chosen” ones to change the world.

If we understand that we perceive the world as we ARE, then we could see the “positive” idea of manipulation according to a belief. We cannot help mankind for “We are” it. That is why, “help yourself” is the beginning of further insight.

Someone says: “You divine self.” I ask, Is there something which is not “divine”? Someone says: “We need to develop patience in life.” If we grasp that life “is” but paradoxically changes all the time, what is the meaning of “patience”? What do we need to wait for? Why is our enjoyment of life being delayed?

The “positive” mentality of the “achiever” may need to be explored a bit further.
No doubt, we have been trained already with that mentality which impregnates even religious teachings… Avyakt7 is not saying “not to achieve something,” Avyakt7 is merely pointing out: Is our quest for achievement not allowing us to “take the time to smell the roses” and to let things manifest at their right time without our expectation?

How is it possible to enjoy the present, the now; when our minds are busy in the quest of the belief of achievement?

Avyakt7 does not recall achieving anything in life.
On the other hand, if we consider the “world at the office” as the “real world” then perhaps Avyakt7 has been an “achiever.” 🙂 Is Avyakt7 an achiever or not? 🙂

Let us put words in perspective. Let us experience that Life is not the world at the office but yet the world at the office is part of life.

Last but no least, all marketing tools selling “change and self transformation” are geared toward the existence of the “I.”
That is just one side of the coin. The other side is its “non-existence.”
There is no marketing tool that could make up something to transform the self into no-self, for then there will not be an ego around to applaud for that “transformation.” 🙂

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