My “own” religion


What would be the main “beliefs to believe in” if these sharings were turned into a religious dogma?

Something “easy” to believe in must be offered, right?
Perhaps the following beliefs could be enough:

1) “We” believe in the self. It is a creation of the mind/brain, etc. However, we believe in “no-self” as well for the “self” is a non-material entity, there is nothing concrete in it. Thus, self and no-self are logically illogical.

2) “We” believe in the individual even though the individual is “nothing” without everything else. That is why, we believe in the Totality for that gives the individual “reason to be something.” Thus, we truly believe in “nothing,” for the individual and the Totality are words to make separations when there is none.

3) “We” believe in one personal God when we believe in the individual. We believe in the Totality as being God when we believe in the Totality rather than the individual. To make things easier for believers, we will believe in one personal God on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will be believe in Omnipresence on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
What about Sunday?
We rest on that day. No beliefs allowed.

4) “We” believe in reality. In reality, reality is a perception of reality… but Science is the “real thing” even though is just a perception. We perceive according to what we ARE, since we don’t know what we are, what do we perceive?

5) “We” believe that the truth is a paradox. The answer is not “black” or “white.” It is both, but none of them at the same time. A belief is a perception of reality, but when many believe in the same belief, then that could be called “truth.” Thus, in truth, the truth is a belief.

Well… I better stop now… too much “non-sense” isn’t it? 🙂

What about something easier non-paradoxical for followers to believe such as: “We believe only in light. Light is the truth.”
In that way believers will have something to feel good about. Something to fight for and to debate with others.

If a heathen says: “If you believe in light, you must believe in darkness as well for one gives the other,” then we could label such individuals as “bad, devilish, unfit, pagans,” etc. In that way, we are the “good” guys and they are … the “bad” ones…

What could be added in this belief for those who had a Godly, Divine experience in a religious path?

Just ask them if that experience came together with a belief to believe in, or if they learned those beliefs from other followers…. 😉

Perhaps these sharings cannot be put into a religion? Is that “good or bad”? 🙂 🙂


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