Sensual pleasure in “Spirituality.”


Isn’t sensual pleasure part of the experience of living life?

Why it has been denied in many ways and in many beliefs?

The word “spirituality” is identified by many as “beyond the body.” To reach that belief of “beyond the body” for many, it is about denying the body. That acceptable practice could be mystified by adding another word to it: Purity or to purify our self.

Pain and suffering could be easily accepted as “life lessons” or “karma” but the experience of pleasure is to be rejected as “non-spiritual.” 😉

We accept one side and reject the other. That surely will bring issues in our lives.

Individuals nowadays are addicted to thinking. Their feelings have been shut down. Because the mind is always looking to repeat a pleasurable experience, then addiction appears.
“Thinking” when it is related to pleasure means repetition. Something to compare to. Something to enhance every time, to make it “better.”

When the mind meets an experience in life full of thoughts, taboos, beliefs and traumas, it is obvious that there will not be a fulfilling experience, even while that is pleasurable.

Thinking separates the subject and the object. It is in that separation when “loneliness” arrives. However, not only loneliness arrives but everything else that we believe to be “me.”
Neediness, emotional traumas, addictions, taboos, beliefs, etc.

Pleasure or desire is the opportunity to calm or fill even momentarily our own feeling of emptiness through something beyond our sense of self.

That is how pleasure was satanized by cultural beliefs and religions, for it became an addiction.

“I” could enjoy a party if paradoxically; “I” am not there. That means the baggage that comes with thinking about “me.” That “me” only exists in my mind.

“I just want to be myself.” 🙂 It is actually “no-self.”

To get out of thinking and the world at the “office,” where logic, analysis and research is needed, we may need to open our feelings. We could do that when we experience the “non-I” which we could find in Nature.

To increase our ability to enjoy life means to decrease our capacity to think.
Our culture worships thinking and forgets about feelings.
Too much thinking kills our feelings and without feelings, we cannot enjoy life.

Pleasure is enjoyed when “I” am not there and because of that, “I” let things happen.

That enjoyment is fulfilling because there is no “I” there to think about it…
At that point, I am living in the “now.”

Sex and pleasure are not bad or evil. It is the condition of our minds which make something “ugly” out of an experience.
Drinking a glass of beer is not bad. Unless you are an addict. (That is a mind condition.)
If I say: “Beer is bad. It is impure…” all I am doing is reinforcing fear to drinking beer and denying the experience of it. Beer becomes a “problem” in my mind.

If you want for something to be remembered continuously in your mind, all you have to do is deny it to yourself, then it becomes a “problem.”

Religions will find a childish solution to that “problem.”
“There is something better than beer.”
“There is paradise in the future where you could enjoy.” Deny yourself now. Repress yourself now. Wait for the future, wait for enlightenment.
“There is a non-sensual pleasure in meditation which is better than physical pleasure.”
“Connect to God and you will not feel the body.”

For God’s sake… the issue is our minds. The issue is our addictive thinking, everything else gets colored by the condition of our minds.

A belief of the suppression of something to cure our minds is like patching our internally bleeding heart with an external band-aid, so everyone could see that “ our bleeding has stopped” but we are the only ones who can feel otherwise.


  1. salwa

    Thank. You dear soul
    at this time , world , and consciousness reached peak of crises ..of virtue mainly
    we are no longer one, no longer cooperating, and competing…these are impurities ..not sex..when we got do far from the send and the essence, we started to look for pleasure in matter..and so we got even further from the essence of the self..soul consciousness..and silence..wr started to put names on natural things ..and put categories…devide..brvause we are decided inside

    love and respect to u


    • ns

      as stated above (Thinking separates the subject and the object. It is in that separation when “loneliness” arrives. However, not only loneliness arrives but everything else that we believe to be “me.”
      Neediness, emotional traumas, addictions, taboos, beliefs, etc.) i feel this is what i experienced,,,,in this state all the old sanskars ,emotions comeout…What can be done at these times ..


  2. ns

    Sensual pleasure in “Spirituality.”,,,I like this article very much Avyakt7…….i request u to post somemore on this topic, to understand and contemplate on the above i need some more of your sharings and insights…many thanks


  3. salwa

    dear soul,
    i thank u .
    i think ur rflections about sensual plaisure are pure, and can be understood .
    nevertheless , if the soul wants to understand this , it has to go through a journey .., where it left behind all what is related to the senses..cos the mind , that veihucle of the soul , is constantly stimulated by the sens organs..going beyond the sens is always needed to start a new perspective, and to creat a new reality .purity is in the mind, indeed
    in islam , in qurran , GOd said :” u were created in a form of couples”.in that sens , i think ther’s no consideration of sex , but there is in fact the expeience of meeting my other half which is in another body !!
    IN -tention is all that matter in this drama of life , and our karma , is comptabilised on the basi of the IN -TENTION.
    love and respect


    • avyakt7

      Thank you for your comment. Eric! I see that you are into fitness. Good for you! ( I am into bike riding and open water swimming) That could be a good topic for awareness. A healthy lifestyle and enjoyment of life go hand in hand… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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