Having, Doing, Being … and … Non-being


“I have too many things to be thankful about.”
“I am doing the best I can.”
“ I am someone.”

The “I” world is in town again…
Do we want to “transform” that “I” into a “better” “I”?
Obviously that would be a trip to “Ego-land.”
All expenses paid.

“Having” comes from “Doing” and doing comes from “Being.”
That has been the repetitive mantra for “self-transformation.”

In fact, “Being” what?
That is a hard question to answer, unless we would like to add pretty words to that answer, such as: “good, kind, friendly, loving, etc, etc.”
If we are “something,” we will act according to what we are.
There is a subtle depth in the above phrase.

If we are “something,” we cannot think about “changing the world” for what we are will compel us to act in a certain way under all circumstances and perceive the world with the glasses of who we think we are.
We are framed, stuck by what we think we are.

Nevertheless, Life is change.

Johnny found 20 dollars down the street.
Johnny wanted to be “good.”
He was the typical “Johnny be good.”
Johnny asked to all of his “spiritual” gurus what he should do with that money. He was expecting the “right” answer to be the same from everyone. After all, there must be only one right answer. That is logical. 🙂

Master A: Why did you pick up that $20 bill? You should have left it alone there. There is karma associated with picking up something, which is not yours.
Master B: We have a box for donations, so we could do “good” to others who need it. Place the bill there. That is a good “deed.”
Master C: You don’t know what to do with it? Give it to me then.
Johnny was confused. Johnny thought that there was a “right” action to do under every circumstance.
Johnny HAS a $20 bill. Johnny did not know what to DO with it… because Johnny wanted to BE good.. Obviously… he wasn’t “good” enough, for otherwise he should know what to do. 🙂

Johnny is completely framed by thoughts and philosophies from others of what “being good” is.
That is the problem with trying to “be” someone when you are not “being.”

It is in that insincerity or lack of honesty with the self, when “morality” appears.
Here “Johnny be good,” these are your commandments, the codes, the laws for you to follow so you are “good.”
That is the issue with the “I” trying to be someone who is not.

Fortunately, there is non-being. It is in that state of consciousness when “help to others” and being “good” automatically is “done” without thinking about it. In non-being, there is only Totality, the common good.

Being “good” is not dependent on actions as in the example of the $20 bill.
It is dependent on how egoless, that is “non-being” we could “be.”
That is why we need to be honest with our intentions when residing in the consciousness of “I” and “being.”

If our consciousness is located in non-being, there is a different “law” for that, which could be easily misunderstood by those who haven’t experienced it.
It cannot be written, it cannot be spoken about, it cannot be framed into a philosophy.
Being comes from Non-being. 🙂


  1. Truth

    So brother what would the action be if the consiousness is in non-duality
    In other words, seems like your consiousness is in “being”
    What would your action be if you were Johnny


    • avyakt7

      Iam not Johnny.  I am not in his circumstance. I dont know about his intentions, however i know that he wants an answer from others rather than experiencing and getting in touch with the truth within him.


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