Experience your own immortality


The point of reference is our own immortality.
Until our consciousness is able to perceive that, we will be immersed in the world of fear and beliefs.

Everything in life changes. There is no belief, which could be the “holy truth” for our perception will be tinted by our consciousness at a particular time.

That consciousness will naturally change. That is the tendency, unless we are willing to stop our inner growth by following a dogmatic practice.

Beliefs are not “bad.” They have their timing like anything in life. If a belief is constant, then there is no opportunity to meet life as it is, but rather as we think it should be.

“Intelligence” (as defined in the office world) is merely information gathering combined with analytical, logical thinking. Those skills are useful in the “office world” but when it comes to life, those skills are just rudimentary skills which are not truly useful for a different understanding or consciousness.

If we are aware of our immortality many types of suffering and fears will be automatically dismissed.

“End of the world” beliefs will not matter once we know that everything continues yet in a different form or shape, but consciousness “is” and remains changing.
Matter changes as well. It cannot be destroyed or created. It is “what is.”

Someone who I know (Phil) experienced the death of his mother a few months ago. Yesterday, his fiancée from many years had a massive heart attack.

Phil is devastated.
Phil is a very “intelligent” man. He has answers for everything in the “office world” and he has a sound judgment on things.

When it comes to life beyond the “office,” Phil is helpless.
Even though there is death and dying from a form in a physical way, everything continues on.

We are tourists in life and our attachment to things causes unnecessary suffering.
We don’t want for life to change even though we understand that life is change.
Isn’t that the ultimate in irrationality? 🙂

There is no belief system that will give Phil comfort. There is no connection with God that could give him back what he wants and misses.

If Phil could have a different consciousness, a different way to celebrate the changes in life… then those deaths could have a different meaning.
It is not a “loss” for it was never meant to be a “gain.”

Celebrate the moment, Phil! Accept it and move on with enjoyment of that change.

Hopefully Phil, could recognize someday that enjoyment of “what is” … is not a belief, but a different way of seeing this beautiful life, when many things happen as in a movie, but there is no plot in itself, that is unless I make up one.

My plot will be as “I am.”

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