Art and Life


What is the meaning of a painting, music or poetry?
It is expression. It is a form of communication. If that expression is capable of touching someone, even the author itself, then that piece becomes “extraordinary.”

Expression has no boundaries, unless the artist has boundaries within.
When there is an “I” creating art. a boundary is already made and the ability to be in the “zone of creation” will be limited.

When there is no “I” creation is limitless. Expression is boundless and communication is all there is.

Painting is capable of taking someone away from self-absorption. The story of the “I” with all its drama and baggage will be gone in that moment and the object, the canvas, is “what is.”
In fact, painting is just like meditation. It allows our consciousness to move away from the self-absorbed “I.”

“Creation” occurs when self-absorption is not.

If we “frame” ourselves by trying to copy a photograph or something else without allowing our emotions and “inner-touch” to express; then we are bound by something and that something becomes our “jail.”
Creativity is gone.

Life is movement, continuous change.
Some individuals would like to see a picture of Nature in their living room or a photograph or a movie of Nature to feel that “they have it,” rather than the “real thing.”

Our minds believe that something static is the thing. It is that belief which creates a dissonance with life.
This phrase will be explored later on.

All human attempts to possess or trap something which is changing, will fail. That attempt will “kill” the sacredness of the experience.

Nature is not just about “seeing” it, but using all senses to experience the uniqueness of the moment.

Enjoyment comes at that point. We are fully alive, fully attuned, in the moment; but at the same time there is no “I” there as a point of reference. No thought about “me” and my wonderful story. 🙂

Roy rented a wave runner. It was the first time for him to try this experience. He was looking forward to it.
The exhilaration of going at 70 miles per hour in the water with no restrictions, the craziness of that moment and the adrenaline pumping the heart with extra zest.
That enjoyment of the inner child could be brutally stopped when the “I” appears and takes over as a “punisher” of the inner child.

“You’ve got to be nuts. Slow down, you can cause an accident…”

The boundary arrives and with that the fun goes away.

The boundary is a mental jail.

Creativity is without boundaries.
Nature does not have boundaries, because there is no “I” behind it, orchestrating what should be “good or bad.”

Any religion, any philosophy, any teaching is a boundary. Those boundaries are there to be experienced, respected… until the time comes to let them go.
Moving to different consciousness is like moving into different boundaries, every time those boundaries are smaller and smaller because the “I” with its beliefs and preconceptions becomes smaller, it is not there to impede newness.

Art has a greater meaning as the mental boundaries are let go.
The art of recognizing our own mental jails, is the most rewarding art of all. 🙂


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