Fixated in being the “same.”


A painting could be observed from different locations. That location will give a perspective, a point of view.

Life is just like that. Many perspectives, many points of view according to the location of our consciousness.

That location changes, for everything changes in life.
If we deeply go into this, we could perceive that the idea of an “I” who is static and unchanged only exists as “true” in a fixated mind.

Our inability to flow with changes in life will create a trauma to an “I” who is searching for comfort, security and permanence.

Religions and philosophies thrive in offering comfort, security and permanence to an “I” who only exists in fixated minds.

That fixation is a jail.

We are willing to cling to a dogma, to a “truth” that is forever trapped in dualistic words in the name of permanence, security and comfort.

A belief is just a fixated perspective.
Freedom resides in opening the doors of that golden jail and break loose from it.

The “I” is searching for an identity. Once the “I” is satisfied with an identity it will cling to it, demanding permanence.

That is a sure trip to insanity.

“You are a superhero. Superheroes are supposed to behave like this and not like that.”
The label “Superhero” becomes a mental jail, which does not allow someone to be something different.

Look at yourself.
How many labels do you think you are? Isn’t your life just about living up to those labels?

Anything we think we are, becomes a trap, a restriction to be something else.

When we were kids, we allowed our consciousness to take us freely into different perspectives of life. Somehow, we lost that ability when the “I” wanted to have permanence. At that point, beliefs to maintain the “status quo” were needed… so the belief was about “bettering the I.” 🙂

Consciousness wasn’t allowed to change by itself.

I could wake up one day and all of a sudden, “I” could truly not believe in all the beliefs I had before. I may want to be free from them… but fear of not being the “same one” appears.
There is no change when we are the same “old thing.”
The “I” want that permanence, but yet religions and philosophies teach about self-transformation.

How can we transform if we don’t allow our consciousness to change?
It is that “I” who does not allow that transformation to occur.

The baby becomes a child. The child becomes a teen. The teen an adult. The adult reaches maturity and then old age sets in… at that point the baby appears again… that consciousness comes back again, without invitation, without “making effort” all by itself.

Nevertheless, the “I” is unhappy. The “I” wants to relive the “past,” the identity hasn’t gone away… so there is suffering… to mitigate that suffering, let us believe that the “future will be bright” in the after-life…
Whether Paradise or Heaven exists after someone dies is not the issue. The issue is to see the intention of the “I,” the desperate need for permanence.

Are we aware of that?

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