Costly simplicity but happiness for most


Those who have followed this blog so far, may be able to realize that to understand what is not meant to be intellectually understood, could be a challenge.

How could someone who realizes about the gap of experiencing something which cannot be put in words, still put that into words for others to describe his experience?
Those words need to give the experience of feelings to others, for depth of feelings are able to transform our perspective and consciousness in life.

Feelings and lesser intellectual analysis is necessary for life does not work based on our intellectual, conceptual understanding. One thing is to describe the Ocean, analyze it and compare it. Another thing is to go into that Ocean yourself and taste it, experience it and be it.
Appreciation and joy comes in the experience and not in the analysis.

What is the greatest feeling of all?
Let us call it love.
How about if that love is developed by focusing that love on the most cherished being, the “only one,” the God?
It seems like a good idea.

Forget about the intricacies of the “I” and the “non-I” then forget about no mind and mindfulness. Forget about duality, totality and joy…. Make it simple….
Just love God with all your heart.
Isn’t that simple enough ?

Some mystics have written those experiences of loving the beloved, such as Rumi.
It fulfills the “real love” that most are looking for.

What we may fail to realize is that that love may be just a pretty romantic label full of non-physical passion, very platonic and pure for a dreamer, idealist mind.
It is great for a particular type of consciousness, someone who lives in their heads.

That is exactly how love will look like for many. It is in the brain, the mind, etc,
The issue is that that love may not really be love.
Have we look into it?

It is about “I” and God, some may say. Great way to enhance the “I” by adding a companion.
For some consciousness that may be the answer.

For others It is about recognizing and exploring that “I” for before knowing God, there may be a need to know what love is.

Let us make that simple:
Let us say: God is love.
Pretty words, accepted by most, except for those who rather than looking to understand the object of love, are interested in knowing about the producer of that feeling and the feeling itself.
Different consciousness.

And here is another extraordinary paradox of life:
The lesser “I” there is, the more love there will be.
When we realize that by exploring the “I” then we may start knowing God for as the “I” goes away, there is only God. How about that?
Knowing is being.

If that God is not about love to the totality as himself, then that God may be the biggest egocentric being there is.
Have we considered that?

Simplicity makes many happy. Depth will only appeal to few.

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