The world of intentions


“I had the intention to do good…”

-Talk is truly enticing.

“My intentions were good, I don’t know why she reacted that way.”

-Because…your intentions were good, obviously. 🙂

“I can do what I want as long as my intentions are good.”


Misrepresentation of teachings about living life with fullness, are abundant, deep and “reasonable.”

Intentions are not “good” because we think that they are “good.”

Intentions are before thought. Intentions are the prelude of an action.
Our intentions are as we are. Not as what we think they are, but as we are.

We cannot hide them. We cannot add make up on them.

Action on the other hand, could have plenty of “make up” on them.
I could act in one way to make someone believe something. I could act to hide the “light of my procedure.”

Lost in judging “good and bad” actions, lost in the surface of appearances, we are unable to recognize the driven force behind.

As “I am” so my intentions. Nobody could truly know about my intentions except “I” and that “I” deceives itself.

It is not about convincing myself, rationalizing my actions and activities.
That game leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Honesty is such as well-worn word….Lost in words and definitions, we are unable to find the meaning in ourselves…then our actions are meaningless and that becomes life for many, when in “reality” it is about joy. 🙂


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