Honesty is not just a word. It is the key to live in balance, acceptance and joy.

Honesty is not related with following a particular dogma, code or commandment.
Honesty is not related with living within a box of restrictions to be “saved.”
In fact, every attempt to restrict consciousness by external ways is a step away from being honest.

Many will define honesty as being “true to themselves.”

That definition is “good” for a life which is restricted to the mind and thinking.
There is nothing static that could be called the “self.”
The “self” is always changing, evolving.
Self is not, but consciousness.

To be honest is to live in spontaneity that is to honor the “truth” of the moment.

Every time we build a “self,” an identity about ourselves and try to hold on to it, there cannot be honesty for that image of the self is a static picture, which remains alive only in the mind.

When we live in the mind, we believe that the pictures going on in the TV screen are “real.”
When we live in the mind, our sentiments get shut down as an old pipe full of corrosion, which does not allow feelings to run free from beliefs and traumas.

When our mental life becomes intense, then mental sickness will appear: Obsessive compulsiveness, manic depression, bipolar states and general psychosis.

That mental trap will bring a person to an isolated “reality” which only strengthens the idea of a “self.”
The self thinking thoughts about itself is the vicious cycle.

That is the state of consciousness of many at this time.

Honesty cannot live when we live in our minds.

Without honesty, there is no acceptance of life as it presents itself. It is in that rejection when joy cannot blossom, then joy becomes just another concept.

Arranging our world in pretty labels to live by, in pretty beliefs to think about and in pretty concepts to recite and “teach to others,” we may live our lives struggling to maintain that “self” even though it does not exist… but only in our minds.


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