The indoctrinated self

war and peace

When we perceive that there is no “self,” then we could appreciate things from a different consciousness.

“No-Self” is not a belief. We have experienced that change throughout our lives. That which we think we are is merely a mental idea, which we cling to despite the evidence that our bodies, minds and consciousness are not the same.

If we want to possess an instant in our lives and have a picture in our minds of that individual who has been, then we will suffer in the attempt to stop the unstoppable.

We are never the same and to stop that through a belief becomes the obstacle to experience something different.

Our society is attached to this mental idea of self.
Psychology depends on it as well as religions.

It is the “self” who is punished, saved, rewarded, etc. It is the “self” wanting to exist unchanged despite change.

It is obvious then, that in the realization of no-self, the concept of “others” becomes antiquated.
Helping “others” is only an ego driven task at that point. Hard to swallow, when we have been indoctrinated otherwise.

Notice that this is not intellectual understanding. A Ph.D. is not required to understand this.
We need to experience it.
As mentioned before, consciousness changes by itself, so change is guaranteed as long as “we” allow it to naturally happen.

To be able to acknowledge that change, to embrace it without being attached to the “old” ways, is a “test” in our ability to empty our minds.

An empty mind has the capacity to understand new things. A mind full of information is an obstacle to perceive “newness.”

That mind full of information, can only understand if something “makes sense” according to its previous indoctrination/information/teaching/ belief.
That information which at one point was helpful to realize things, becomes the obstacle for newness later on.

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