The “Other” and God

Rituals Important

Consciousness is like the Ocean. That Ocean has a particular movement and timing, which appears in a particular circumstance.
What makes the Ocean to move?
Many things and nothing.
It will be many things if our consciousness is residing in the “Self” for that consciousness separates.
The moon, the wind, the particular Season, the Earth moving, the beings residing in the Ocean, human activities and their consequences, etc.
Many different, separated things.

It will be “none” if our consciousness could observe that everything that exists is inter-related and our separation is fictitious. All the things named above and many others, act as one… they are one.
Life is change, it is movement in itself.

When that consciousness manifests itself through different forms (humans, manatees, dolphins, bees, flowers, rocks, etc.) that consciousness will vary according to the nature of those forms.

When that consciousness identifies itself through its form, then ego appears and thus, separation.

The above has been simplified tremendously to explain something that is not meant to be explained through words.

Observe carefully the Ocean, Nature to grasp the meaning.

When we say that “we want to help others,” what is the consciousness behind those words? Is it the “self” speaking? Then, that action even though it “looks good,” it is full of ego, separation.
That is why it was mentioned before, that “Karma” is not related with the activity but the intention behind the action, the consciousness.

When a drop of the Ocean, separates itself from the Ocean and starts thinking, then that thinking comes from a point of reference, the self.
“I think therefore, I am ….a drop.”
That drop could live a life in separation from the Ocean. That drop could only see its own benefit. That drop could perceive the Ocean as “others” separated into other drops, which are different. That drop perceives duality through its separation. That drop could imagine that there is a hierarchy; a “bigger drop” which has created all drops… and who will save the “self” from experiencing darkness, death, hell, fear, etc.
That “bigger drop” needs to be worshiped, feared, obeyed and … loved.

For God’s sake… All there is …is the Ocean…

It is in that consciousness of “self” when God is perceived as separated from everything else. It is in that same consciousness when “good and evil” appears and with that, all dualistic religions and philosophies…

If the Ocean is all there is, where could you find “God”?
Your answer will be according to your consciousness. 🙂


  1. Susheel Raina

    Sir, the OCEAN is all there is…but what made the OCEAN to manifest into drops?OCEAN itself?isn’t separation already kind of ‘stored!’ in it? thank you!


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