When the search is over

Santa Hobbes

Living life with joy. That is all.
No beliefs required.
Good “karma” for our “next life” guaranteed. 🙂

Where is that joy?
It is obviously a feeling such as Peace.
When we find peace, we find love.
When we find love… we find joy.
Are all of these things of the mind?
No. None of them. If they were coming from the mind, duality will be involved.

Love from the mind is not love. We could find out this easily by observing the duality of emotions: That love will come with fear, jealousy, insecurity, all of that. The popular “I think I love you” is all mind.

To be able to observe our own mind is of tremendous importance for the “life walker,” the “seeker.”
In that observation we could discover our emotions through their duality and the way those emotions affect our physical body.

Living with joy at this time, is a matter of going into our mind and its identification with a static self. In that journey, we will discover our beliefs and how those beliefs have affected our feelings by turning them into disruptive emotions, which gave birth to psychological traumas, taboos, fear and ultimately a heavy sense of self… which “needs to be saved” in the next life.

There is no “magical act” that could dissolve those issues. It is a matter of giving ourselves the opportunity to experience a different consciousness, for changes within are permanent in a different consciousness.

Many will follow a religious leader to “the dot,” meaning; what she did, what he said, the way he interacted, etc. The hope is: “I want that for me.” A good ego-building method.
That is irrational.

Experiences are different for every individual. Circumstances are different. Perceptions are different. The world changes. It has always been like that. Why don’t we want to consider that?
The static self will not allow it. It is easier to follow than to do the inner work.

We need to be willing to start the journey with one step. Life will help us with another step. We are not alone.

Life is already made. Everything is there and will happen at the right time… However, “my own little world” has many closed windows which are giving me the perception of darkness. A bright, beautiful day is awaiting outside that “self” confinement.

Someone has to open those windows!

Do we want for God to do it for us?
It is our own world. Our own creation. Life is just a mirror.

Here is where awareness comes into the picture. One day, we will wonder about those windows. If the door is closed and we feel that there is no way out, then suffering will arrive to compel us to move out, to “do” something. Many will wait until the pain is unbearable and then will jump out through the windows in desperation.

Life has many methods for someone to reach their path in life.
Those methods could be called fear, beliefs, diseases. The method is not the destination, but merely another way for that journey to continue on… until oh…dear…we realize that everything is within.
At that point, there is no need to walk any further away from me.
The search is over.

Until that moment… 🙂

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