Going beyond the sense organs

Imaginary Friend

A reader wrote about the need to go “beyond the sense organs to experience a different reality.” He also mentioned “Purity is in the mind.”

The above is interesting.

In many sharings here it has been stated that “reality” per say; is a perception. “I” perceive something based on my senses (sense organs.) That perception is not “reality” but it is the way I perceived things according to the way my sense organs are designed to work.
My “reality” is confined to the way my perception appears. Do we see that?

Because I see a tree, it does not mean that it is “real” as I perceive it.

Without the experience of the above, we will be caught up in beliefs and dogmas about the “right perception.”

“The word of God” is the right perception… Some may say.

Isn’t the perception of what someone considers God, just another perception?

There are many religions with a “different God” stating that “theirs” is the “true one” because of a different perception which could be a “collective” perception but nevertheless, a perception.

“Self” is yet another perception. We have agreed to make our world based on that perception. It is our “reality” by agreement. 🙂

If readers could follow that up to this point, wouldn’t it make sense to accept and enjoy those perceptions rather than deny them, once we know that “reality” is a perception?

In other words, experience what is in your lot, but enjoy it while it lasts without being attached to it because those perceptions will change as our consciousness changes.

Consciousness will change and it will bring different awareness, and that brings a different “reality.” (Perception.)

We cannot control change of consciousness. It happens at a particular time for every individual.

Consciousness is the key for a different perception of “reality.”

Beyond the “sense organs” there will be another perception. The reader has decided to call that “Purity.”
That is his perception.

“Purity is in the mind.” Of course it is, because duality is in the mind and so are addictions, obsessions, over-thinking and… the self.

The “impure mind” trying to make itself “pure.” That is the irrationality that we may believe in.

Have we experienced no-mind? 🙂
Is that “pure” or “impure”?

Do we realize that actions do not change the state of mind? Aren’t intentions before actions?

Let me give an example:
Are you “pure” because you practice celibacy, that is “sex denial”?
There is no purity if there is denial.
That is called dishonesty.
Is the denial of an action the way to have a “pure mind”? What is the intention? To be “pure” through repression?
Isn’t a denial a way to repress, to negate to separate?

We may want to look into it. Beliefs aside. Without fear.

It is not “bad” to practice celibacy with understanding and not just to follow someone for an ideal. However, dishonesty has its consequences.

The path of a “Life walker” may be different according to his consciousness and perceptions.

To be open in life means to accept all of those perceptions, knowing that individuals act based on their own perceptions and label them as “the truth” to feel “good” about themselves. That is the typical “collective” consciousness at this time.

When our consciousness looks at it from a different perspective, then “reality” will look different.

Do we see this brilliant game of life?

You label something as “purity.” I label it as “impurity.”
Who is “right” who is “wrong”?
Whether that is “purity or impurity” it is a matter of perception… A mind in duality will only label.


  1. salwa

    Dear soul ,
    thank u for This churnings
    indeed duality Is a trap for the mind, but not for the consciousness
    a pure mind means an honest mind
    a pure mind has the same and unshakable intention to unite, to join, not to separate
    that is why sex is not impurity, but impurity would be what u think about sex..and that is when u ate no longer in the present time, u are are either in an act that had been inacted , or in the projection..and this is not the present tens, ..and so the mind is not full of the “”
    now”..some will call this impurity
    I always. Want to spend more time with children , cos they teach us about purity..that is to be here and now.


  2. salwa

    dear soul
    thank u for ur reply; and clear thinkings
    when “i” talked about going beyond the sens organs , for time to timr , “i” meant that the soul which is me has to go beyond the actual perception , that is the actual reality , and so to “free” the self from limitations
    i t is not a matter of jujing ..good or bad ..but it is simply another way of beeing
    and this other way of beeing is necessary if we want to emerge something new, unexplored till now
    to explore does not need any sens organe necessarly..it requires, a still mind and a clear intellect
    but what is the intellect , ? “i “ithink i am on an intellectual mode , when i am not influenced by the thoghts in side my mind , that is when i stop thinking

    every one agrees that there are many disfonctionning in the world we r living in …NOW
    even new souls , would think Why? and how come?
    when i i thought :”, purity is in the mind” ,:i am puer when i am honest , when , i dont value something and not a nother ,
    iam pure , when the thoghts i will express are benificial , for me and for the envirement i am living in
    purity , means no duality in deed
    pure milk , pure honey , every one knows
    but yet ,, if a child ,taste an impure honey ,he would not think : “oh ! this is impure!”
    he would just be absorbed in the experience of a swwet liquid in his mouth…and this is pirity!!
    i think , when our consciousness will become “pur” againe , that means , the mind would have stop , puting adgectifs on things , on situations
    i have asked few days a go:
    my 10 yrar doughter: “what is the diffrence between , truth , and reality?
    she said :thruth is alwas told, reality IS”

    i think that purity a truth , and a reality
    and purity is the basis of the creation of any thing which is benificial on the HOLE

    love and respect , to all the readers..


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