Healing the wounds into Honesty

Calvin and Hobbes

Mary was in the emergency room with her Father who was very sick. After many tests, it was discovered that he had a tumor in his colon, which bloated his stomach and wouldn’t allow him to have a bowel movement for many days already. A nasogastric tube was placed in his body to suction out trapped fluids.

Mary’s father was suffering and feeling miserable while waiting for surgery. The hospital was very crowded despite the 24-hour non-stop surgeries.

The environment was surrounded by high pressure, sadness and uncertainty.

Even though, Mary knew deep inside that his father was going to be alright; she couldn’t help but to drop slow tears when feeling her father’s suffering.

To watch how slowly someone’s body shuts down could be an emotive experience.

Destiny is the same for everyone at the end of this lifetime, but how we get there, differs in every situation.

Someone may read lots of books and hear many Gurus and even hear “God speaking” about the fact of our eternity, but when a situation like the one above is experienced in our lives, somehow everything we “know” is of no help during that time. We forget everything we know about “spirituality.”

Why is that?
Have you wonder about that?

Life will show us where we are.

A person who is not aware of his beliefs or how those beliefs influence the way he lives his life, is simply living by “default.”

In that moment we discover our emotions.
A person, who has not looked into healing his emotions, cannot put any sort of “intellectual understanding” into something practical in life.

There is no death but change.
Someone’s suffering does not have to be our own. Human misery is a consequence. Not something “bad” or “good” but a consequence, which could change our own consciousness; our awareness about our own lives.
If we only could become aware of that.. 🙂

Many times we experience limits in life.
A room filled with sadness, will influence whoever is in it, unless we learn to expand our energy so nothing can get in. We need to be aware to experience that.

Life will only show us what we “are,” and we will see that through the mirror of relationships.

When we observe ourselves, we may need utmost honesty. This type of honesty does not come from the rational understanding, the world of “good and bad,” “right or wrong” or “pros and cons,” it comes when we follow our hearts without hesitation guided by our intuition and insight; for we know that this is the way to connect to life, to be one with it. However, some may believe that “to follow our heart” is to follow our emotions or someone may recognize love as an emotion.

Even in that mistake of interpretation, there will be benefit by learning through the experience in our own skin.
The reward may not be a belief in “Paradise or Heaven” in the afterlife, but to know exactly where we are “now,” through the mirror of life.

That type of honesty is hard to come by.

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