Is it the time to walk by yourself?


Rodney, a 20 something year old man drives his car in a very dangerous way. He loves danger. That is his consciousness. Even though he knows that he may get traffic tickets or even injuries or death due to his reckless driving, he will continue with his “nature.”

In his path, he had a couple of serious accidents. Rodney tamed a bit and as he got older, his consciousness changed into a “secure driver.” At that point, to drive dangerously wasn’t him anymore.

Do the laws, fines and other consequences changed Rodney’s “nature”?
No. They could have changed his behavior, but his “nature” was there waiting for the opportunity to be unleashed.

If we change the scenario and Rodney went to jail for life due to killing some people in his reckless driving, Is it possible for Rodney to change his consciousness?

You bet. It wasn’t the punishment of being in jail, which was just a consequence of his actions, but it is the experience that Rodney went through. He was able to see the relatives of those who died. They were very angry and sad at the same time. Rodney realized that he was the cause of that. Rodney could feel guilty and that heavy weight will add traumas in his life, which will change his “nature.” At the same time, those relatives will learn a lesson about the uncertainties of life. That experience will change their consciousness, their lives. They may become bitter, but then they will need to heal once that bitterness is unbearable.

If we change the scenario again and Rodney “dies” due to his reckless driving, that scenario will be a teaching for his relatives and loved ones. The teaching will be interpreted according to where they are in the path of life. For some it will be about detachment, for others, it will be about loving the moment by being aware for it will go away… There is change in consciousness. As far as Rodney is concerned, his story hasn’t finished in death… It is something to be continued…

If I know that, in which moment could I utter the childish judgment of “Rodney is bad or Rodney is good”? There is a story, which goes beyond Rodney. That story will touch many lives because we live in relationship, interbeingness. As a matter of fact, for those who are unaware of the perfection of life, they will label the story of Rodney as “bad luck” or “God punished him” or some other story.

For an aware individual, every experience is the opportunity to learn something and thus, to change consciousness. Going from individuality into Totality is not something that happens by “doing things” or reading books. It happens when the time arrives for every individual. In the meantime enjoy! Every experience is meant to take us there, thus those experiences cannot be labeled as “waste of time.”

It is highly paradoxical.

The single most important item to recognize in our readiness to change, is to be able to perceive fear in us.

Fear will not allow us to explore, to find out, to experience. If there is a religious belief about “this is the only time that you have to become “good” or “pure” or angelical, before God judges you.” Perhaps now we could recognize the value of being in that predicament.

It will allow us to take action in one direction so we could feel protected, to experience something different, to empty our minds from previous “mainstream” stuff; but paradoxically, the moment that someone recognizes that he is moving in life out of fear, then everything changes once we are able to face that fear. There cannot possibly be joy in life when there is fear. If there is no joy, there cannot be love.
At that point, consciousness has changed, and with that a new perspective will be born… a “new” you.

Fear is used as a very powerful motivator.
Fear of losing a job. Fear of “losing” a loved one. Fear of dying. Fear of being alone. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not reaching heaven. Fear of being punished by God. Fear of being in hell forever, etc.

It is when we are willing to face each one of those fears and be able to explore and find out for ourselves with that inner honesty, which is not looking to please anyone, how growth starts…

The baby who was happy in his cradle under the loving care of his parents, went over the fear of walking by himself…For him, the time to walk by himself has arrived. 🙂

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