Quoting when there is not knowing


The “spiritual” seeker looking for pretty quotes to gain a particular viewpoint of life, is only feeding his intellectual mind.

That mind creates the squares, the straight lines and the triangles, which do not exist in Nature.

Intellectual life is not an “illusion,” for it is very real for most; but it is a world created by common agreement.

Living with concepts of what is “beneficial or not,” our lives turn into fear to experience life as it is.

The “I” is born as the center of that perceived benefit.
The “I” will be or do or have something if that is perceived as beneficial.

Therefore, our perception of what is beneficial is important. That perception will drive our lives.

“That job is more beneficial for me,” brings the same feeling, as “Heaven is beneficial for me.”

Notice that to build our lives with keywords and ideas or definitions is but to taste a drop of water to quench our thirst for knowing.
That knowing implies drinking water, experiencing not talking about it.

When we drop the security of keywords, ideas, beliefs and philosophies; we discover another world which is indefinable, ever-expanding and with many possibilities.

The price of being comfortable in the realm of ideas, thoughts and beliefs is to live in a golden jail unable to fly.

To overcome our own fears means to open up to life. The greater the fear, the greater is the presence of that “I.”

Embracing fear means to be fear. That experience will show us the one who is fearing. That is the one who wants to “benefit” in life.
It is the “I.”

To know that “I” is to be enlightened. Just to talk about it, is self-deception.

To know the “I” is not the final chapter for there is no – I.
But for the “I” to experience “no-I,” dying from the known becomes necessary.

Everything we know becomes useless when it is time to become someone else.

Being someone else is needed to see that who we were.
Thus, the paradox is that to know about the “I” is the window to escape from the “I” but intellectually, the one who escapes is still the “I” thinking to be someone else.

Thus, change happens imperceptibly, little by little as to not leave any footsteps of that.

The moment we realize that we are changing, is the moment when our past becomes the present and change becomes no-change.

To live is to realize change but not the one who is changing.


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