When the time arrives


Raysha and Ananda’s father departed to another experience of life today, in the early hours of the morning. That is known as “death” for some or “leaving the body” for others.

Many labels to express an experience.
For me, it is continuing into a different experience.

Life is not the duality of life and death. We experience that duality when there is an “I” which brings the separation between the experiencer and the experience.”I am” the experience itself, in a word; the “now.”

For some relatives my father is death. My father has suffered… he is finally “resting in peace,” in God’s lap… etc.
I wonder if they know what they are talking about?
I wonder if they understand that their expressions of sympathy are of no meaning to me… but I understand that “their stuff” makes them feel good about themselves… that they are giving me “comfort,” they feel that they are “helping me.” 🙂

The words “my father” bring a feeling of loss, a feeling of something that is gone, etc. Lost in words, I could believe the “logic” of them.

A role in life is not the being. A label to express that role is just a label. The experience of Life itself is beyond our words and labels.

“Leaving the body” is the expression of looking at life under the umbrella of the body. The point of reference is still the body, especially when I repeat myself “I am not the body.” The duality of body and not-body makes our life to be conscious of the body …unless we realize about labeling. It all depends on our degree of awareness.

Ananda could choose to be in sorrow OR Ananda could choose to be content and happy about the “graduation” of his father into a new experience in life, which could be supported by a fancy belief system.

Right? Isn’t that the teaching of “spiritual enlightened people”?

That is still duality.

When Ananda lives in the now and experiences life as it is without adding labels to it and just being aware of his own feelings and embracing them as they are without repression or opposition, then the muddy waters will settle down all by itself and then the “magic” happens: Clear waters will appear all by itself without “me” doing anything to “speed things up.” 🙂

I could spend time labeling my own muddy waters as “impure” or as “that is something that I should not feel” etc. but once we know about the impact of our own words in our mind, then we learn that we better be careful when we talk to “others”… But even more careful when we talk to ourselves.

No wonder to go into a different consciousness, we may need to go over the limits of our beliefs.

That is the main requisite to have a new birth.



  1. eva

    Your Father’s new experience will bring new experiences ; wishing you both that you wish for yourself .

    Gracious Gratitude , love and care

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