Emotional food


In the process of becoming “one” from a fragmented personality, we may need to deal sooner or later with our inner child.
That “inner child” has been described as the “7 year old kid that is always with us.”
Many of the emotional issues that we experience in life as adults, are related with the way that “7 year old” feels.

Many times as adults we reject or even worse, shut down that natural expression.

When that inner child drowns in the “adult” self, by wanting to be heard and acknowledged, then yet another inner conflict will appear. Sometimes that conflict may have consequences for our health.

Typical doctors who are unaware of the depth of emotional issues, merely will treat the obvious, the surface which does not take care of the issue.
“Don’t eat that. It is “bad” for you.”

In Ananda’s experience, there was a time when he used to drink “pepsi cola” and eat strawberry shortcake when he was a kid. It was a very enjoyable experience after putting up with the rigidity of the school system!
That was his “reward.” Ananda used to walk 3 miles to go back home rather than taking the bus, so he could stop by the bakery.

As an adult, the thought of eating healthy and getting away from “junk food.” That decision took his reward system into the other extreme of the spectrum.

The 8-year-old kid who enjoyed Pepsi and cake was denied in order to be healthy and to “look good.”

As years went by, Ananda experienced an ascetic life style of self-denial. Drinking water is “good.” Pepsi is “bad.”

Eating cake made by some individuals practicing asceticism was “good.” Eating cake made by the bakery was “bad.”

The inner kid was denied in favor of fashionable thinking and the idea of obtaining an image of a responsible adult wanting to have a “six pack “ in his stomach, along with conforming with a religious belief.

Observe how a kid will eat what he likes without further thought. The adult will put the thought based on counting calories, self-image, prestige, narcissism etc.

That is how we discover the value of emotional food in our lives.
Ananda will drink “Coca Cola” to enjoy the taste. The inner kid will feel happy. The adult who has learned the value of the “middle way” is not a tyrant with himself anymore.

Here is the key Lime cheese cake, Ananda!
Great! let me take a piece, let me enjoy it…

When we are out of balance, is when our face turns into a harsh expression, almost painful to watch.

When the inner kid is happy, a smile comes out without any effort.

What is the “spiritual value” of this sharing?
When you smile with the innocence of a child… you have experienced the value of “junk food.” 🙂


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