Believe to self-enclose


Every time there is a belief in our minds about anything, every time there is a space where we come from or a particular identification with some idea or thought; at that time we have created a personality, a little enclosed wall is born….thus, life itself will crack it.
The experiences of life will break apart that wall, for life is like the wind: “We” flow with it unless we want to fight it. That “self” appears alive to stand in the current of life, cementing itself through ideas, beliefs, traditions, etc. which are all static, unmovable.

As the wind of life gains greater force and momentum, as the wind transforms into a hurricane, that self will be vanished. That struggle calls for suffering.

That process of awareness, we call “self-transformation,” “spirituality,” “dying alive,” etc.

It does not matter which belief we have. Any belief becomes a static “reality” withstanding in the continuous movement of life.

That enclosure that a belief creates becomes a path of self-absorption, self-righteousness and rigidity.

In life, when something is rigid, it is dead.

It is my experience that invariably, every time “I” take a stand thinking that this is “the right way” and make out of that a self-imposed dogma of righteousness; then life will show me the opposite: Clearly, without a façade and then I could choose to “rationalize it” just to hold on to my belief.
My “belief” becomes more important than life.

What was “the right thing” at one time, may not be at other times.

My own definition or mental concept of something, which creates a belief, is not only a “half-truth” at the most, but a mental jail to cling to for security.

I no longer believe in anything. Isn’t that sad? 🙂
Not at all. It is refreshing, uplifting, liberating.

Life is not a mental construct made of stories and plots to segregate the “good boys” and the “bad ones.”
Life is way more than that. Life is too great to fit into a definition or a belief system.

Moving through the winds of life becomes the art of gliding through it. Use that force to move, to explore, to wonder. The winds of life will keep someone floating effortlessly as long as we do not become an obstacle for our own journey.

Take a stand. Take a position… and you will put your feet on the ground; the self has positioned itself to fight…yet another time.

How irrational…


    • ahnanda

      Oh.. Glad to know that, Specimenx17… 🙂
      Isn’t the saying something like “great minds think alike…”?
      Let me check out your site to “compare” notes…
      We are all together in this, from different locations but yet seeing the same picture.
      Best to you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • specimenx17

        don’t know about greatness and I question the mind’s realm much like you… =P but I find that my observations about life get dressed in something fiction-like – for a long time I’ve been feeling my voice out and my blog continues to be an experiment in that…

        see you around 😉


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