“Positive thinking” viewed from a different consciousness


In the beginners track of “Spirituality 101,” thinking and thoughts are emphasized.
Welcome to the world of “good thoughts and bad thoughts.”

The “thought” goes like this: “If you change your thinking, you change your life. Learn to choose your thoughts. Change them into positive thoughts. Be positive.”

Wow! That sounds great. Terrific! If you have a thought, just be aware of it and change it into something positive. Believe in that positive thought and make it a reality!

Such “pep talk” is easy to sell… Here is my latest book for only $9.99 plus taxes. The latest techniques in “positive thinking” thought by the greatest “spiritual geniuses of the world” are compiled just for you!
You will experience a change in your life! Guaranteed!
That is the business side of the story of thoughts…

Are “my” thoughts, truly “mine”?
That is the first question to ask.
Second question: If those thoughts are “mine,” why I cannot stop them?
If we could stop our thoughts at will, there wouldn’t be a need to spend $9.99 plus taxes in learning about the art of “positive thinking.”

All right, I will let readers find out for themselves by self-exploration, the moment in which “we” decided to create a thought to be thought about… As guru Tweety Bird said: “I tawt I taw a putty tat!”

Thoughts are mostly a reflection of who we are. What it needs to change then is “me” not the thought.
“When I change, the thought changes…” 🙂 Shall I put a “trademark” note on that phrase?

Ralph took a “positive thinking” class. The minute right after his interview for a job, he thought: “Am not getting hired!” then a depressing mood surrounded him. He was upset and his mood changed completely… then he remembered about his positive thinking class: “ I will get the job,” he thought. He wanted to be positive so Ralph tried hard to smile… He said: “Fake it til you make it.”
Ralph, an aware individual; discovered something interesting about himself.
He wasn’t being honest with his feelings.
Choosing another thought to entertain himself will not change the way he feels.

Thoughts are like clouds on the sky of the mind. A thought will appear according to who we are at that time.
Worried? Anxious? Fearful? There is a nice collection of thoughts to express that. Like a Christmas card in Christmas…
We will identify with that thought, make a story and… Voila! A “new movie “ has appeared waiting to be played in the movie theater of our minds, several times during the day.
Thoughts come and go. If we reject a “bad” thought; it will come back with greater strength.
Don’t try this at home!

If we “choose” another thought to think about, we will not be acknowledging how we truly feel (fake it til you make it, life style.)

Be aware of the thought. Let it go like a cloud moving in the sky.
How we feel is the “real thing” and as we become open to the experiences that life brings through healing our emotions, we will experience that a cloud is not the vast sky, unless we believe that.

Honesty has a greater meaning when it is about the self.

-Who is the thinker?
-Is “I” real?
Yes and No.
In that answer, there are 3 different types of consciousness.
Thus the “right teaching” will be according to that state of consciousness.

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