To feel Life: The new medicine. No side effects.


When Ananda wakes up early in the morning, he will sit down outside by the balcony of his room.

Opening the arms by his lap, feeling that energy flowing in his hands… that energy is who I am. It is the energy of the Universe itself.
Not the label “Ananda,” nor the body sitting there but that energy flowing alive which also manifests through my breathing and feeling.

When thoughts appear one by one, they are observed as if watching a movie from a distance and magically, they go away…

It is about feeling gratitude to life. That feeling keeps itself alive as it mingles in unison with my breathing… Thoughts are no longer; but a feeling of “Thank you,” and a smile will naturally appear.
Gratitude without words.

Then, my hands will move slowly as in a Tai chi dance, flowing into harmonious forms while breathing. It seems as if I knew that “slow dance” from before.

That experience has no timing and no name. No clocks are needed or special effects. It lasts as long as it “feels good.” The location is always Nature.

That practice revitalizes.

When thinking is no longer needed, then we could observe “inside.”
Nothing to think about. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to do. Nothing to desire. Just to be there and enjoy that moment, to be aware of that instant, to feel gratitude for that chance.

That is all. That is to live life.

No beliefs required. No guilt about wasting time or to be compelled to do something “useful” with time.
There, there is no time to kill.

It is “you” feeling the timelessness of “you.” Even for a second.
Second by second is how a new consciousness appears.
No rush. When there is no time, paradoxically; we have all the time.

Nothing “good” to learn today, huh?
There is no need to learn. No need to be “good.” It is already there, and it will manifest if allowed to.

Don’t you believe me? Too “good” to be true?
Believe in what you would. Think a lot about it. Read more. Consult with the “experts.”Follow the “right steps”…
Let me share a secret: It is not what you “do” but what you allow to happen.

Life itself is knocking at the door and when you decide to open is when the adventure starts.

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