Living in the playpen of beliefs


If our feelings could sense that Oneness, that unity not as different parts coming together, but as being the same thing…then how did we get into this separation mode?

Thoughts become fashionable.

It is truly a matter of “fashion.” For some individuals thinking is in fashion. Their perception of the Universe is mental. Usually these individuals do not allow themselves to experience something by feeling it, but just by thinking about it.

The day may be bright with clear skies, the sound of the birds may be the perfect orchestra in the background and someone may say: “ Nice day, isn’t it? I was missing days like this and I hope that they come more often…”

These individuals may put the emotional emphasis in the words “Nice day, isn’t it…” but then it becomes all talk, just like watching a sitcom … all about fast talk in an emotional tone where the “I” either feels uplifted or diminished.
Do we see that?

To just say “What a nice day!” without feeling it, is the demonstration of living life in our heads without a direct experience of life into our hearts.
We have become used to that. Many times what we “think” to be feelings are emotions instead.

“You’ve hurt my feelings…”
Not your feelings, but I pushed the button for your emotions to come up.

What is the difference between feelings and emotions?
Emotions come with a belief about something. That belief will affect us. We may feel sorrow, elation, anger, etc. through a belief.

How is that?
If while driving our cars on the road, someone shows us the “magic middle finger,” how do we “feel”?

The button has been pushed. It is the “I” jumping out. Anger flowing through our veins. We need to get even!
That is an emotion.
Where is the belief?
Someone showing us the “magic middle finger” means absolutely nothing unless we believe that this important finger has some meaning.

Feelings are completely void of beliefs and thus, thinking.

Any belief system becomes a trap by restricting our experience of oneness, by making divisions and separations where there is none.

Beliefs are used as “playpens” for the little child not to hurt himself.
“This is bad.” Believe it. You will not hurt yourself for sometime.
That labeling will become a nightmare later on, for that which we reject will appear with greater intensity.

The way life works cannot be put into words. All we can have are approximations based on the experience of who is attempting to explain something.

How could we explain that life is a “movie” If we have never experienced one?

Life is not a movie, but it could resemble one for some.
Then the belief that “life is a movie” will be a dogmatic repetition for followers. Followers could be a religious group, the collective consciousness, the society as a whole.

As we recognize more and more beliefs in our minds, we could become aware of them, not reject them, but become aware of the belief and allow for life to show us something different.
That openness comes when we allow our feelings to take over. When we feel life, we flow with it. An emotion, will be attached to a belief.

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