Best wishes and good feelings: The depth of honesty


If “karma” is not truly about “good or bad” actions, but rather about the feeling-intention, which is indescribable but the primary source of how we actually feel without intellectual masks; then we could finally discover that this source is the root, the beginning of the action.
It is a feeling not a thought.

That is why, there is a teaching about having “good wishes and pure feelings for all.”
Because when our primary feeling without thought is of goodness for the Totality, then through that feeling our intention is automatically aligned and thus our activity.

Nevertheless, even that teaching as simple and powerful as it is, will be misrepresented.

“That person wasn’t kind to me in the past so when she showed up yesterday, I had this resentment inside me, but I had to practice the teaching of good feelings for her, so I sent her good feelings.”

The above even though it sounds “good” and worthy of practice it only shows a repression of who we actually ARE in that moment. Not only that, but it also shows dishonesty by trying to change something which we do not actually feel for something which is supposed to be “right.”

To have “good feelings for all” is not a practice but it is something natural when we discover that just as when we reject something about ourselves because we believe that to be “bad;” in the same way and with the same dishonesty, we pretend to reject someone else for whatever reason not understanding that by doing that we reject the Totality… and thus us.
Rejection is the way to make something stronger.. until it is accepted.

Because we are all interrelated. We are all mixed in the same plate. There is Oneness.

“Wait a minute. If I don’t “practice” to change that which I find to be “wrong,” how is it going to change?”

Definitely not by repression.
That is the greatest opportunity to observe what actually happens inside us. We need to observe it as a “detached observer” because it is not “ME” but it is that “ME” in that moment only.
It is that observation without labels and rejections how an understanding will emerge of the “true” self in that moment and the trigger of that appearance.

We will discover that which in theory we call EGO and its different facets. Let it be. Let it manifest and just observe it. Become fully aware of it.
That is the beginning of being aware of that which we call SELF.

From that point, it is all about uncovering that ego; that is observing how it appears rather than repressing it by changing it with a belief of what is supposed to be “good or proper.”
That is the inner dishonesty, which every seeker needs to be able to see in themselves.

Moreover, we can “practice” for many years to have “good feelings for all” but it will continue as a practice for we will keep hiding the “real” feeling, the real “me” at that moment, with a practice.
Do we see that?

It is the same principle with ”positive thinking.” There is no need to replace “bad thoughts with good thoughts.” There is no need to practice for this is not about “doing” but about “being.”

How are you going to discover what you ARE?
By uncovering the layers of EGO, which are in top.
That process of self-discovery does not deal with repressions or mind-games, it is all about observation and awareness.
Good wishes is not a thought. It is not something that “we think that we are doing” …it is for God’s sake, BEING and feeling it.


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