Do we have change? :-)


Last post for the year. Will be on vacation… 🙂
Many thanks to Bill Watterson and his “Calvin and Hobbes” cartoons shared here. Thanks to his wit, I’ve learned that the “funnies” could be the deepest. The beauty of art mixed with a touch of depth and imagination creates something which is timeless… as Calvin and Hobbes.

In life many avenues are open to be explored. It is through those experiences how our consciousness will change naturally. If we are aware of those changes as they happen, we will know. Religious practice and beliefs will protect the seeker for sometime until the urge to change and move on is overwhelming. At that point, the inner child has grown and is ready to come out of the playpen of protection. The “new” inner path starts with that freedom and the responsibility that this newness entails.

Last items to share this year that I’ve learned while walking the life walker’s journey:

1. The rapidly changing images of a TV has an effect in our speed of thoughts. Many thoughts are induced through that “reality.”
2. Smartphones are detrimental to our health if we charge them in the same room that we sleep. To use a hands-free cord to talk is advisable.
3. A seeker embraces discipline as a way to recharge and energetically “clean himself.” It is not something compulsive that must be done everyday at the same time. Routines embrace change for newness to appear. A discipline is not a routine.
4. Meditation means to move our consciousness to another location. That movement will bring different experiences. As a sage mentioned: “The greatest meditation is the mind that lets go.”
5. Nothing is “good or bad” unless we believe so. Life is greater than our trivial morality. Consequences of actions are related with our intention.
6. To embrace Nature is to reconnect with ourselves. The experience of Totality is understood in that experience.
7. When something comes to our life, it is because something else has gone away. Thus, let us enjoy what it is now, for it will change.
8. We don’t lose youth or maturity. We lose our sense of change. To be attached to something means to resist change.
9. When all ideologies and beliefs are abandoned without feeling rejection towards them but appreciation for what they brought to our experience, we are free to explore. Not before.
10. Life does not have a trademark from anyone thus, our story is unique but not especial.
11. Life in oneness means to know the one who is one with himself. Some could find that in themselves, while others will seek that in God. To each its own.
12. Repression and self-denial are tools to find out our limits. Just like to indulge in something. The experience of the extremes is what motivates us to find a balance.
13. If we don’t enjoy life now… it will not happen in the future.
14. True communication and communion happens through feelings, not through words. The heart listens. The mind talks.

Enjoy the ride! Thank you for being there… Until next year! 🙂


  1. ahnanda

    Hello there Dhan Rajpurohit!
    Thank you for stopping by to express your appreciation. Avyakt7 doest not exist anymore. I am sure, he would have been thankful for your kind words.. 🙂
    Take good care! 🙂


  2. Dhan Rajpurohit

    Hi Avyakt7,
    I have been following u from more than a year, have read many of ur articles it’s like spending hours together to read those, there r days where I have spend 6 to 8 hours. Just love the way u lay down ur wonderful experience nd expressing it with minute details(thoe words has limitation but u have done excellent work ntng could be more better than this), I have learn many things, it’s like asking u a question is wrong choice bcoz u already shared everything which u know, thoe I might ask u when something is out of cloud nd I know u would be happy to answer :-), would like to appreciate u for such an outstanding work.

    U r a great (unique)soul nd I feel that u will be playing many great role in cyclical time, the one which u already playing nd many to look forward 🙂 It makes me feel wonder how come a person can write down every day a new article, hats off to ur knowledge nd hats off to ur experience.. It’s a marvellous effort from ur end, Thanku a great soul for sharing what u have learn.

    Many time wanted to post comments in past, but I am bit lazy so apologies for delay,. I am sure there will be thousands of people like me who r benefitted nd u may or may not know about them:-D , So at the end Plz accept my hug with full of gud wishes nd feeling.. It’s wonder that practically I haven’t hug baba nd also a unique personality like u, wish to do so if it’s in drama..

    Plz keep sharing nd keep spreading awareness for a common good (oneness:-)).. Thank you leo!!


  3. ahnanda

    Dear Vikram,
    Nothing to think. Feel. If you feel you will know.
    Emotions are created when there is a belief. To feel is to be. To be emotional is to believe.


  4. Vikram

    Dear Avyakt

    You have mentioned many times on importance of feelings.You also mentioned that “Depth of Feeling is bliss”
    Can you please explain a bit more on this?
    Also don’t know if having a “feeling” in every situation makes us emotionally vulnerable i.e as feelings creates emotions
    What do you think?


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