Integration means empty, to be fulfilled


Living life may be the experience of becoming one with everything that is. Living life encompasses the dance with everything. To move harmoniously under different songs played by destiny.

In life there are many dancers (seekers,) seeking different things.
Some look for riches, fame, God and even themselves… but paradoxically all of those “objects” are already present in the experience of Totality, of being life itself and not something separated, alienated and alone.

To be empty in order to be full, is yet one of the deepest paradoxes of Life.
Emptiness means to be open to life as an open door. That consciousness will give us the experience of observing and enjoying the different episodes which life could present. Nothing “good or bad” but just experiences, which arrive as consequences of our own intentions. An egotistical intention is not aware of the interdependence, inter-beingness of all.

That openness in life resides in clearing the mind from beliefs and preconceptions, that is to be “brand new” in the moment. It is not an intellectual “realization,” but the awareness of how the contents in our minds will strengthen the sense of “Me.”

Beliefs are very common. A tradition is a belief. A logical and reasonable perspective is another belief, a religious dogma is another belief, “my” own likes and dislikes, “my” own values, judgments, ideas, etc. are simple beliefs which could be dressed up with honorable words and “supporting evidence.”

“Reality” is a perspective; thus we are dealing with beliefs all the time.
The dance of life is on, and we could stop the rhythm for the sake of analysis and facts. To dance means to let go and to feel the music to move in balance.
Thinking will stop the “inner knowing,” the intuition of going with the beat of the song.

In the lack of an ample perception, resides our separation from life.

Those beliefs later will become emotions, as our innate feelings of Totality and oneness become tinted by a personality, ego. Those emotions will delineate what is acceptable, pure, pleasurable, good, godly etc. in our perception by rejecting that which is perceived as the opposite.
Then, paradoxically to embrace that which is considered “good” will strengthen our ego, our individuality for there will be a rejection of what is considered “bad.”

Our society for many centuries has embraced that duality.
Rejection is not the answer if we are aware of integration.
Let me put it in simple words:
The devil is not the opposite of god. The existence of god has created the devil under all circumstances.
A person believing that there are 2 opposite forces in the self, fighting for control may develop a schizophrenic personality.
That behavior could be labeled as “normal” in our society nowadays.

Integration means to embrace and re-direct all energetic forces in us. To do that, we need to be aware of the moment, circumstances and settings.
There is no rejection in integration, and because of that, wholesomeness could be experienced.

“Batman” embraced his fear of bats to become the “Batman.”
Every individual has a shadow. Through integration we embrace that shadow into our own light, rather than fight against it, deny it, repress it.

To integrate means to become empty in order to be everything, at every moment. It is in that consciousness of being One, when fulfillment arrives.
Darkness is part of the existence of light, not the opposite. When our darkness is integrated into light, the dance of life will continue to be experienced harmoniously in balance.


  1. eva

    Oh , lovely to have you back ! Great to start the New Year with deep experiences, gentleness and elevated wisdom ! Thanks for your sharing .


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