Freedom from the known


When we observe a picture on the wall, our perspective of that picture is dictated by our location.

Similarly is with consciousness.
We have created so many “concepts” which we believe to be “real,” without perceiving the reality of our location of consciousness.

When our consciousness is located in the existence of the self, the individual; then the concept of “free will” appears. Since that “self” is immersed in duality; then “predestination” will be born just like darkness is born out of light.

Out of those 2 concepts, other concepts have emerged.
“Free-will” brings the concept of responsibility.
Religions have exploited that concept when the concept of “guilt” arose out of a “responsibility.”
“If you don’t act this way now, you will be punished forever.”

Do we see how a concept pulls another?

How about predestination?
“I am not responsible. I am not guilty. It was predestined that way.”
Nevertheless, the sense of “self” feels trapped in destiny. The self becomes a “puppet of destiny.” The Self does not appreciate that “jail.”

“Free will” and “predestination” are the roots of all conceptual living and moral standards when our consciousness is ingrained in the perception of individuality, the “I.”

Until our consciousness is able to perceive a different reality, we could be trapped in further concepts.

Look at the picture from a different location.

There we find oneness, totality.
If we are One, if there is interbeingness, how could we come up with concepts such as “free will” and “predestination”?
Who has “free will”? The individual, the “I” believing to be separated from everything else.

In oneness concepts such as “brotherhood” are no longer needed; for we don’t need to pretend to be “brothers and sisters” to get along; but we realize that this “I” and that “you” as separation is non-existent.
What “I” do to “others” is done to “myself.”
Because the Totality is inclusive of this “I.”

A clock has parts, which work together to make a clock. A part of the clock by itself is of no consequence unless it is related with others. That is oneness.

Could we say that this clock has free will to move or that it is predestined to move?

The clock is meant to move. That is all.

Life is like that, One.

When it is said that the “world is approaching a new consciousness,” what do we think about that?

It is just the change from the perception of individuality into oneness. That is the other side of the paradoxical aspect of life; in that location of consciousness there is no rationality needed, no concepts such as “free will” or “predestination” but rather recognition of a path. It is a feeling, intuition which connects us with life, with the Totality rather than dualistic thinking.

It is complete freedom from the known.


  1. Gayathri

    i could read this article only yesterday; it is very well written, you explained things very well. Had been thinking of asking you some questions and this article answered them all. Thanks and regards,
    Gayathri ben.


    • ahnanda

      Thank you, Jade. Consider this: 🙂 Knowing nothing is to know something..”nothing.” Rejecting knowing, will bring greater knowing into our lives. More questions to ask and reply. For some that is “good.” To know that the duality of knowing and ignorance is there, means to learn to integrate one into the other. The child is appreciated for his innocence of not knowing, the adult for his knowing. It is all about timing and circumstances. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ahnanda

    Glad to know that your consciousness is in tune with these sharings.
    Thank you-I, for that… Shall we say “Thanks to all” instead? 🙂 or just “Thanks to life.”
    That is the feeling of gratitude beyond the duality of language.

    Liked by 1 person

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