A dogmatic view


What color is the sky?
Depending on our consciousness, there will be an answer.

Let us say that some individuals were born color blind but with possibility to recover their “in color” vision.

One of them had a vision of the sky on a sunny day. He was amazed at the color that he saw: “It is blue!” he said.

“Blue” was something that the others could not understand for that wasn’t in their experience.

For all we are concerned, he could have said: “It is yellow,” but still it wouldn’t be understood.

Those who could see colors realize that “blue” is a vague identification of the color of the sky. There are many types of blue. Many shades. Many tones.

As the “color blind” people around were amazed to witness the “transformation” of the person who identified the sky as “blue,” everyone followed him.
The “blue sky” person became a “colorful” person. He was different. Everyone decided to follow him to have a portion of his experience.

They had “knowledge” now. The sky is blue.
What color is the sky?
“We believe the color of the sky is blue. That is right. Everything else is wrong.”
That is a dogmatic view.

The color of the sky changes for life changes. The color of the sky cannot be reduced into a word.
What would happen if one of the color blind people awakens his full vision while looking at sunset hours? That is when shades of red, orange, yellow, white and blue are perceived in the sky.

A new religion will be born, for sure.

Some scientific people will spend their time analyzing the sky. Their question is: Does the sky exist?
Define what is “sky,” perhaps some will ask.

Hiding behind that definition lays the “trap.”
My definition is not the sky, but just a definition.

Others may ask, ‘Why is the sky blue?”
Some may say: “It is due to the color of Ozone.”
Define “Ozone.”
It is 3 molecules of Oxygen.
That makes sense! Now, I know!
But others may say: “According to so and so, Ozone is colorless.”

The endless search for answers gives the illusion of knowing. That is the other extreme of a dogma.

A dogmatic view of life is completely closed to the possibility of change. Their dogma could be put into words to live by.
A dogma is a rejection of the possibility of newness. It is in that view how our beings are unable to perceive change and to embrace it for fear of losing that which we may think to know.

Knowing is not words. It is not a sentence or a book. It is experience. That experience cannot be put into words.
A dogma is composed of words. It is a closed “post-office” of never sent letters, in the immensity of the world.

“Why is the sky blue?”
Because it is blue.
Now, let us try replacing the word “sky” for “spiritual” words such as: God, soul, spirit, goodness, mind, etc, etc, etc.

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