“No-self” in dualistic words


There is no way to explain into intellectual “knowing,” about “no-self.”
Words cannot convey that.

In “spirituality” this lack of “experience” was mitigated when the students/seekers where allowed to live with the master/guru, etc. so they could observe the teacher in his activities.

The aim was for the student to be “impregnated” with the subtlety of vibrations, energy from the teacher, for that experience of “no-self” to happen little by little, gradually, in a subtle way.

In time, those teachings changed. It was about “copying” what the master said and the way he acted. Following words and deeds was the aim and the standard of “truth” and “righteousness.”

That is how today, we observe that “spirituality” is another subject like history or math. The student is “taught” information which he is supposed to make it “practical” in life.

That will not happen, for a change of consciousness does not occur with intellectual information, no matter how “well explained” something is. Explanations are just pointers not to be taken literally, for life is unexpected, ever-changing and “unmanageable.”

Intellectual knowledge, to “know” is of no use in living life with joy when what matters is to “be.”

If we observe a child, we could begin to understand “no-self.”
If we observe animals in the wild, there is “no-self” as well.
Animals in captivity have the tendency to “pick up” some sort of personality from their “masters.”

“Self” appears when the notion of complete separation is born. Then, that personality will be strengthened by the different experiences in life which will be observed in a biased way, from the perspective of a “center” looking at things and experiencing those things, the “I.”

Cultural traditions, beliefs with their corresponding emotions and the indoctrination coming from the world of the “Office,” religions, philosophies, etc. will shape up that personality, which paradoxically believes to enjoy “free will.”

The awareness of all of the above, will “inspire” some to react, to be against something, to “fight against.” That awareness is trapped in the rejection of their own experiences.

To be against something is the easiest way to live life caged in a jail of emotions. The way to get out is to “accept” the experience and to move on. That “rejected experience” is without a doubt, the trigger of awareness, which allowed someone to become aware, conscious of another “reality.” It is a necessary part of an individual path in life.

When there is “no-self” this “liberation” happens immediately, because in that state to live “in the moment” is “what is,” just like a bird, a child, an ant, etc.

“Self” is not evil. Self is another type of experience. The “office world” requires “self.” Our society requires “self,” but when we want to integrate life and to “know” directly without e-books, Google and Wikipedia; then we need “no-self” to be one; to be in union, to be total… in the Totality.

Self and no-self are together. Not knowing/experiencing “no-self” means to seek, to become a “spiritual seeker” and to start looking for a purpose in life.
The “purpose” may be hidden in no-self.

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