On Self-Righteousness


Our attitude in life, which is naturally perfected through observation and openness to life experiences, is of great importance to take life one day at the time.

Let us say that I entered into a gym to exercise.
The gym features strident music among other things, it could be a mad house if someone turns the volume on of their wall mounted TV while using the stationary bike or headphones or just to see the different TVs displaying different programs with blistering images in all of them.

If my “ego gym” has been built around a tranquil, noise-less scenario; obviously there will be a reaction.
“ I am not exercising in that mad house. Why should I do that? All those people must be deaf in there!”

The above scenario happens in many other aspects of life very often.
We may discriminate “them” for being crazy, out-of touch-with reality, impure, savage, profane, impious, etc.

Then a commandment to live by, is necessary which will give us the sense of “being right” and for “them” to be “wrong.”
That self-righteousness will not allow someone to integrate into the Totality of “what is.”

“You shall have distaste for noisy places,” utters the commandment.

Someone who plays “rebel” to that commandment will support the opposite view: “ Noisy places are good.”

That is life in duality.

When we learn to integrate, there is no questions about “commandments” even if there is a belief that “a higher God has said so.”
Why? Because life is not “black or white.”

When we learn to integrate we will be mindful of our own state of consciousness, how we feel at that moment, the circumstances and the overall context, in such a way that our response is not a rejection, but it is harmonious, in balance with “what is.” That response is non-intellectual, by the way.

The above requires far more sensibility than following a “black and white” commandment. It requires a different state of consciousness.

Sometimes to integrate with the craziness of the noisy Gym is what is required. Many times our minds need a change from linear activities, “the same old thing.”

At other times, to leave the place will be harmonious, yet at other times to go inside for a brief time.

What is important is to acknowledge, “what is,” to appreciate it without an inner rejection just because it goes against our beliefs or commandments or any other idea; for there is a recognition that something that “is” has a reason to be there. Integration is not to “go into it” but to know when to do it, without hurting others, without “teaching” others, without the “ego” of believing that our ways are the “righteous ways.”
Because our static ways could never be the standard of “righteousness” in an ever changing, surprising Life.


  1. Jade the Mystic

    It is possible that because of commandment, one turns crazy. It is unnecessary for the commandment if we are consciousness and able to appreciate things we have. 😀

    Thank you for sharing
    Jade the Mystic


  2. ahnanda

    Hello Vivek;
    Ananda does not read spiritual books or attends spiritual classes or joins spiritual gatherings or follows any guru or self-help “coach.” Avyakt7 did all of that.
    Ananda has friends with wisdom.They share with him and Ananda shares what he experiences in life here out of his own experience.
    Now that you know that, of what good that is for you?
    If you feel that there is something that “clicks” with you in these writings, then perhaps these sharings are for you, otherwise; they may not.
    Very simple.


  3. vivek

    Hi….om shanti brother…now a days it’s great to read your post and understand them with the awareness becuase of understanding that awareness of mind is all that is to work on in spirituality..absolutly no beliefs…but it is rigourous process…counting every moment of your day( actually trying to to be aware of the beast called mind) when we are not used to…but it becomes interesting and motivating when you get glimpse of something which is unexpected joyful and of different peace…I always wonders abt your writings and understanding that from where it is coming ?
    Because there much more to explore..plz reply to my long comment


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