The duality of “Spiritual dog training.”


Puppy dog training is the type of “spiritual teaching” that most humans are used to.

“Bernie, don’t do that. Bad dog!”
Bernie likes to smell the neighbor’s garbage cans and to “indulge” in its contents.
“Garbage cans are bad, Bernie.”

Spiritual puppy training is on.
“This is good. That is bad. This is right, that is wrong. Move and sing along the funny tunes of this song.”

Human example?
As some “seekers” are observing how the values and teachings from our society have a weight on our beliefs, then one day; there is the realization that a television set is one of the biggest “seller” of that propaganda.

Along Spiritual “puppy dog training,” comes the voice of rigidity:
“Television is bad. Do not watch TV.”
Harry the “seeker” wanted to become “better” in life. Even though he enjoys watching some TV programs, he felt that his enjoyment was cut off when a new belief entered his path: “TVs are bad.”

Knowing that a “pure” God/ Guru/ Priest has given that commandment, Harry’s life became miserable. Harry fought with himself his usual desire to watch TV. Harry felt guilty, low and bad when he couldn’t resist the “temptation” of watching TV.
Harry became “bad” out of his desire to be “good.” 🙂

The above could be placed in different scenarios in our lives. There is “puppy dog training” at the office, in the family, at school, etc.

When consciousness changes out of a realization in life, there is no inner fight.
Television is neither good nor bad. Someone may watch a TV program, enjoy it without the fear of being “brainwashed” by the TV.
How is that possible?
When we do everything in a conscious way, with awareness. When consciousness changes and we allow for that to happen, the struggle to “change” is non-existent, for that change is a natural continuation of awareness in life.

If a religious head says: “Watch TV, but not too much for it may brainwash you. You need to be careful.”

There is fear infused in those words.

If someone realizes while watching TV that moral values and prejudices along with diverse beliefs are there in different ways and that person is able to recognize them, then that AWARENESS will bring change.

That is all it takes. Teachings are meant to create the environment to experience. Teachings are not meant to be a dogma of “do’s and do nots.”
However, all depends on the consciousness of the participant, obviously.

I cannot expect for “Bernie” the dog to come up with realizations of living life in joy; but I could make my life easier by telling him only what I consider to be “good and bad.”

When the consciousness of the seeker moves from “spiritual puppy dog training,” then life appears with different colors, besides “black or white.”

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