Playing with Emptiness and Silence


Some write: “That is a special widget.” Others may write: “That is an especial widget.”
Who is right? Who is wrong? 🙂
Some may say that “special” is the same as “especial.” Others may say that “especial” is “specially special.”

That is the same with emptiness and silence. What monotheistic religions may call as “silence” is what non-deistic religions may call as “emptiness.”

When we become caught up in the words, we miss the experience that those words are trying to convey. Lost in words we may open a “discussion forum” to bring those “concepts” forward, without having the experience of what “holy people” and “sages” are trying to convey through dualistic words.

Have you felt emptiness as an ache in the chest? Have you tried to get away from that sensation of despair of “feeling empty”?

That is a sign that something is transforming. Any process of transformation requires the feeling of emptiness, but not so we run away from it or become “busy” by ignoring it; but to observe it and use that empty space to create new things.

This is what a sage calls: “Creative emptiness.”
The room was full of stuff. To transform it is to empty it. Once it is empty, then we can start decorating it, creating new things.
Being creative means to create from emptiness. Otherwise, we are just continuing a known theme.

Many readers may not understand some of the things being shared here. These readers may “study” these words for hours, they may have all their attention into these writings and are willing to understand them… These readers are pretty intelligent as well… How is it possible for them not to understand these things?

Because they may need to have am empty space in themselves so, these things could settle down.

How is that?

Have you ever been 100% in a religious belief? Have you ever been completely dedicated to a cause?

The room is 100% full. There is no empty space there to hold anything else… anything new. All we recycle is the same thing. The same dogma.

That is how when the stuff goes out of the windows and doors of that room, when we realize about becoming obsessive. A feeling of emptiness arrives and then… we kill it by distracting ourselves… by becoming “busy.” 🙂

When we step away and allow for some empty space, then something else could be understood. Therefore, to be empty is a requisite to understand beyond a superficial game of words or “concepts.”

Many times if we have an empty space and still we are unable to understand, the time will come when a particular experience will allow us to understand. It is a matter of timing.
That understanding is non-conceptual for it is part of our being.

That is why it is said that when we are completely empty, we are everything. That is the paradox of being and non-being.

Do we want to call that silence?

That is fine.
Is that silence an absence of words? No.
Is that silence and absence of thoughts? No.
Is that silence a feeling like peace? No.

That silence is an empty (silent) space in the room of the being. Unlearning has occurred and with that, the magic of transforming.

As thoughts let their space for feelings to arrive, that silence is no longer an experience to talk about.
It may become a room full of grateful feelings… but empty at the same time.

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