Healing into contentment


When we learn to trust life, we could truly observe without coming from a particular point of view.

If we just sit down to “meditate” or observe, we may need to be aware of the thoughts arising. Those thoughts have a story which are glued to our inner feelings, those thoughts will maintain the sense of self. We become self-absorbed.

If we are sitting in front of Nature, those thoughts will not allow us to enjoy “what is.”

This enjoyment is not a “Look, how beautiful!” wordy remark; the little thoughtful voice speaking to us.
There is no voice there, but the sense of appreciation and gratefulness arrives, as we are part of that scene in the “now.” It is a feeling.

It is the strength of this feeling, which will take us away from the cage of the belief of being just an “I.”

What Ananda is trying to transmit is this: There is absolutely nothing intellectual, no beliefs, no words or labeling in the moment of appreciation and gratefulness.

To appreciate the “now “ for “what is” means to go away from every expectation.
When we learn to connect to Life as an empty space, with the inner door wide open, then a smile comes out. There is nothing that “I” expect. Nothing to be afraid.
What is happening is all right.
This has been labeled as “contentment.” However, observe that this contentment is not born out of a method or a “realization” that “I need to be content.” This “contentment” is not faked.

Observe that contentment is a feeling, just like happiness.
Observe that contentment arises when the sense of “I” diminishes.
Observe that to get to that “I” to open up by itself, to diminish that sensation, we may need to take away the layers of “stuff” that are bunching up and clogging up that natural state of openness.
Observe that to realize what is clogging up, we just need to observe and become aware of that “I.”
At that point the “job starts.” This is the point when a “seeker” is born. Before that moment, it is just playing about being “spiritual” and socializing.
How does the job start?
It is known as healing “yourself.” Catharsis.

Emotions and beliefs… fears acquired through many journeys. All of that is the “stuff.” To heal “yourself” becomes your own path, your own journey because until that “stuff” is not healed, there cannot be “contentment.”

Contentment is appreciation and gratefulness. When you are that state of being, it does not matter what we “think” we are. It does not matter what belief system someone embraces. It does not matter if the world disappears the next day. It does not matter if we found God or not. It does not matter… we are OK with “what is,” we are one with everything.
We are one with thoughts and beliefs, we are one with the world… we are one with God.

Then consciousness will change without “effort”… by itself, for there is no one there (the “I”) trying to prevent that change.


  1. ashok Sureka


    Silence is not the absence of words.
    It is not even the absence of thoughts.
    It is a state of mind where the mind enjoys every moment of life.
    The mind is in full harmony with what is happening around.
    Full acceptance.
    No expectations.
    No question.
    No complain.
    Beyond all things … in a blissful stage.


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