The range of experiences


One of the paradoxical aspects in self-realization is to discern the “illusion” of the “I,” the “self.”
“Illusion” is not the right word to use, but it conveys the meaning. The “I” is not an illusion for the majority of human beings at this time. The “I” is a “reality.”
When that awareness of the “I” becomes stronger, then suffering comes as the catalyst for change into “searching” for another avenue… until we find “no-self.”

Life experiences may take someone into that. Intellectual understanding will not give a person the necessary experience to change his consciousness.

Paradoxically, we are everything when there is no awareness of “self” but at the same time there is an essence, which some call “soul.” However, the “soul” does not have the awareness of individuality, which some call “soul consciousness.”

Thus, “soul consciousness” is only a state of consciousness. That state of consciousness is not the ultimate, it is not “good,” and everything else is “bad.”

The range of experiences will change as our consciousness changes. That change is not dependent on the will power of the “I” but rather it is something that happens at different times when the individual is “ready,” that is when there is an assimilation of diverse experiences which takes the individual to the full range of experiences.

Through a “black or white” mentality, we have been indoctrinated to label the lack of “I” as “good,” “ego-less,” and the fullness of “I” as “ego,” “bad.” That labeling is like using “training wheels” to ride a bike. We are riding the bike.. yes.. but truly we are not… 🙂

Let me explain the above in simple language.
Have you seen a survey with the “likert scale”? It goes something like this:

Do you believe in God?
1. Strongly disagree 2. Disagree. 3. Neither agree nor disagree. 4. Agree 5. Strongly agree.

In life, all of those “ranges of agreement” depend on a particular state of consciousness. That is all there is. None of those “choices” indicates a level of superiority or inferiority. As a matter of fact, in the continuity of life, we will experience all of them. However, it is a circle so after experiencing “strong agreement” what comes next?
Strong disagreement.

Unless we are caught up with a dogmatic view which will pressure us to perceive things under a limited boundary.

If we could grasp the above, we could appreciate that someone who is “ego-less” has only reached a particular state of consciousness, which is not static as everything in life changes.
Because our vision of life is “static” and dualistic, we label someone as “saint” or “sinner” not realizing that this state of consciousness will change in the experience of that individual. It could be in this life, in the next one…it does not matter. It will happen. This realization is known as having an “unlimited vision” of Life.

When we discover that, we could observe the absurdity of pretending to change someone’s state of consciousness by following a method.
A fruit will not be ripe enough and quickly by following a “method.” That fruit will be ripe naturally according to time. All experiences not a particular one are important for that ripeness to appear.

How Eckhart Tolle “reached” his state of consciousness?
By following a method?
No. It just happened. How about Mooji?
Same thing.
How about Yogananda?
He was born with that, but still he needed time to become aware of it.
Consciousness changes at a particular time and when it does, we may need to acknowledge it for we cannot deny the “new reality.”

That is why, it becomes more and more important to enjoy what we are able to perceive at this time and having the openness to allow for something else to arrive in our lives. When we synchronize with the movement of life, we are in balance.

Things will happen when they are supposed to. Does it mean that I have to sit down and do nothing waiting for things to arrive? 🙂

If there is that understanding because of this writing, then we have not understood a thing. That is alright, for that understanding will change in its due time. This is not intellectual business but experiential.

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