Fighting to live


When we become aware of humanity as our own extended “body,” how could we possible believe that living life is about fighting with someone else?

That could be like that dog who was chasing its own tail.
A dog chasing its tail is like a philosopher: Lots of round around thinking but going no where…or like a religious leader: Many beliefs and dogmas about the future and nothing concrete about the joy of the “now.”

Once the dog experiences biting its own tail, that dog may learn something out of that experience. The tail is one with the dog. It is the intensity of that biting which will bring greater suffering to the dog.

What is the moral of the story?
The intensity of the experience of pain will teach the lesson.

Likewise, we could start believing that fighting with everyone to “protect ourselves” is the key to maintain sanity and self-respect in Life.
The story of a Life “fighter” is like the dog chasing its tail: Give punches, receive punches, duck punches. Win matches, get beat up… and when Life wants to teach that lesson in an unforgettable way, a “knock out” will happen and then the ego sadly hurt, will become bitter and hate the experience of that punch.

“Life is a bitch and then we die.”
That becomes the poetry of the fighter. His rhyme and reason to be.
Why is it so hard to realize that a very deep, thick and concise ego is an easy prey for becoming the punching bag of Life?

While our worldly upbringings are meant to preserve that ego, enhance it and glorify it; Life takes a different turn.

Come on buster…Bite your own tail! Get angry…Become aggressive, an “A” personality and fight back! Hit harder!

Life will throw quickly a right jab, followed by an amazing left cross and then a solid right upper cut….

“You” are done.

Blood comes out profusely from your sweaty face.
You fought with Life… and almost lost it. 🙂
Did you enjoy it?
Yes? Then, there may not be an ego in you… or you are a masochist…
That is the way that ego will dilute itself.
No religious ceremonies or beliefs needed. No special praying. No pious actions needed. No holy priest required to be a referee.

But… after a little while… “You”… collected your missing teeth from the ground and got up to fight again!
Some may call that “being a man” others “stubbornness” and yet others, “having guts.”
I’d like to call that stupidity.

It is just a matter of perspective. Like everything else.

Can’t we find a better way to live?
That is it!.. We are starting to “reason” now… Time to become a “seeker.”
The wise “street” teaching is: If you can’t beat them, JOIN them.

In “Spiritual” hocus-pocus, the words used are: “Become One with Life.”

Same thing.

But you see, later on when the healing is done, the one who got beat up “by Life” is the one who will know the meaning of “becoming one” by experience.
The one who avoids the boxing match, will not know but only in theory, like a bookworm.

Paradoxical, huh?

Just like “real” Life.


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