“Learning” Detachment


Enjoyment of the movement of Life is the main requisite to “learn” about detachment.
Everything is change, constant change, to flow with that is to be all right with Life.
To trust Life.

As soon as a piece of “I” touches that continuous flow, that is the point where the “I” acquires some expectations which will give greater support to that sense of being “Me” different from everything else.
By all means, open all the doors that Life offers. Experience. The expectation to find something “good” for you in a particular door is the set up for suffering.
The “I” will experience exactly what it needs. It is that “knowledge” which brings the necessary trust.
When we trust Life, we enjoy it.

It is in that realization how we could observe that “making effort” to be “detached” in Life, is plain repression.

Of course, the above realization or description of “my” experience is not related with a religious or traditional view. This is not “spirituality for the masses,” for “everyone to understand.”

In my experience, natural detachment, which occurs out of enjoyment of Life and its changes, is a prerequisite to know Love; that is to dance with “what is” out of appreciation.

There cannot be “love” unless there is enjoyment of living. There cannot be love if there are expectations.

Lost in words, we could say “we need to be loving and detached.” That is just a description of a state of being, which cannot be attained by “doing” things.

Lost in experience, I could say… Just enjoy Life with its different experiences.

This is not something that happens out of following an artificial method or “making effort.” This is something that naturally occurs when we are enjoying the moment without caring about or labeling “how the moment is.” It is just the moment.

The “I” selects, rejects, accepts and judges every moment. As that “I” withers away, what is left is that observer who enjoys the “trip.”
A “detached observer”? or a “witness”?
It is an “Enjoyer.” 🙂

To be conscious, to be aware is a great gift. Do we take it for granted just because everyday we experience it?
Everything will change. Every moment is unique. Not special but unique.

Detachment and Love are not “virtues” to attain, to “work on,” to “make effort,” to know or to “practice.”

If we do that, we could merely repress our current state of consciousness.

Enjoyment of Life. That is the key. Everything else follows that.
Life is change. Enjoy the change.
Life is unpredictable. Enjoy that lack of certainty.
Life is … Forget the label and …begin to feel it, because by feeling it, there is nourishment and when we are nourished, we could give…. Love.

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