Understanding repression


Ultimately the way most individuals perceive the world, is tinted with heavy duality.
This idea of “becoming better” is very critical in our society.
Who needs to become better?
The “I,” “Me,” Myself.”

That simplicity of thought shows the issue behind comparisons and illusionary triumphs colored with setbacks. That is the “duality of Life.”

Don’t we want to “become better” in Life?
Yes. The ego loves that. It does not mean, “I shouldn’t get a better job.” It doesn’t mean, “I shouldn’t be a better person.” It means that whatever we believe that we have attained, does not mean to “be better.”
It just means a change. Growth. Just like a child becomes a teenager or an adult becomes an older individual.

What happens if that which we want does not occur in Life, no matter what we “do”?
We automatically become a “loser.” The comparison mentality keeps coming back.
When we understand that every moment in Life is what it needs to be and that there is complete benefit in it as it is, no matter how our perception at the time may be, then at that point, we cannot fight with Life.
At that point, we can drop the dualistic views about becoming “better or worse.”

By all means do your part to get that “dream job.” That is the meaning of “knocking at doors” in Life. A door may open or it may not. Change may happen or it may not… but we know that eventually everything is change…

All we need to do is to get out of our minds those magic words in duality, which bring so much suffering and misunderstanding: better and worse, good and bad, winner and loser… Those words and their ideas behind them.

A world arranged by those words is a complete illusion, when we understand that the “I” is not running the show of Life, although it may appear. Although it may be “desirable.”

Repression is therefore an ideal to manipulate Life in pursue of some other ideal.

We could repress opening our hearts to people and to situations for fear of being hurt. What is the ideal?
Not to be hurt. The ego doesn’t want to feel that pain of rejection.
What is the plan of action?
Not to allow a feeling…or to redirect the feelings towards someone else, such as God.

In childish language:
1) “Do not” for every sentence. Live in your cage for it is safe that way. 🙂
2) “This is good. That is bad.” We call that “choice.” Free will.

Repression occurs when the nature of an individual is not being considered for the name of some ideal.

In that way severity towards the self sets in.
“I must not eat rice pudding because I will get fat.”
The inner child is hurt with that severity which is meant to obtain an ideal of “not being fat” which we could embellish by using more labels, like “fit.” The ideal is to be “fit” by denying those things, which we know are “bad.”

The culprit in “gaining weight” is not in eating the rice pudding but the lack of balance of an individual.
In repression we learn to take away those things which are pleasurable and that will allow us to enjoy Life for the sake of an ideal.
Repression embraces completely the “black or white” mentality.

In childish “spirituality,” it has been taught that by following the life style of a person considered to be a “saint” is what is the ideal of “desirable.”

For example, Yogananda was a “renunciate.” Does it mean that any individual wishing to “love God,” may have to follow the same path of renunciation?
Why is that?
It depends on the nature of the individual and his mission in Life.
Yogananda’s guru was a householder with a wife and had children. According to Yogananda’s biography, his guru “knew God” but lived a “normal” Life.

Repression will occur when the aim is to escape from “what is” as a permanent solution. That “escape” translates into a rejection. It is in that life of rejection how it is impossible to assimilate new experiences in Life.

In short: Our consciousness gets stuck in a personality, which is completely artificial.

To understand repression in our lives, is a step forward into freeing the natural way of things. When repression is let go, there is an opportunity to integrate every aspect of Life, which we were taught to completely reject.
By learning to reject, we have ben set up in the world of duality. The way to live beyond it, is never “achieved” by rejecting it… but paradoxically, by embracing it.

To conquer something means to embrace it. 🙂

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