Discover your truth


Is what I am conveying here the “truth”? 🙂
Hope that by now, we realize that it is just a perspective under the package of my own experiences in Life. There is insight through assimilation of Life experiences.That is why, Ananda can write everyday about different topics from different perspectives, for Life is unlimited.

Ananda is not conveying “his thoughts” or “his opinion” or “his expert assessment” or “what he has read someplace else.”
If I did that, to read this blog will be just a waste of your time.

If what I am conveying is just my own experience; how is that related with you, the reader?

Obviously, you will be able to see that there are many perspectives about Life. Many beliefs, many ideas and traditions, which shape the way, we perceive Life.
Do you want truth and not perspectives?
Learn to look inside yourself. To be honest with yourself. That is all…but paradoxically, it may take a long time to master that art.

Whatever else you may wish to read here, will only broaden your perspective, if you allow for that to happen.

Some may read these lines looking to find something to support their beliefs and perspectives. You may find some articles may do that and others will not.

Do you embrace those which you like and reject or feel contempt for those articles, which you don’t?
Yes? 🙂
Open up your consciousness. It is not a matter of accepting or rejecting but a matter of not uttering an opinion and merely acknowledging another perspective, which makes up this wonderful experience, which we call Life.

Isn’t “reality” that everyone has a different perspective of Life?

Do we want to call some as “right” and others as “wrong” experiences? Who are “we” to emit such a judgment?

Just let it be and learn to enjoy your own experience of Life. Move along the river of experiences to be able to taste different flavors, all of them “good” for when we are aware we could learn many deep teachings which Life holds.
This is not a matter of being fearful, of being scared of being “punished” by a God, for if God teaches honesty, how on earth could we be “punished” for being self-honest?
If we are punished, who needs that dishonest God?
God gave you “free will”? right?
If we are supposed to only obey “his” law… that is not “free will.” That is eternal slavery.

Do you believe in predestination instead?
Then, what is the need for a God?

Better forget all of those beliefs and “life insurance” promises for the “after life” and start truly living the “now,” the “moment,” by being free of beliefs, free of attachments, free of ideas to cling to and free of self induced fears and merely enjoying the ride, the different scenes and twists that Life could bring.
That may sound great, but believe me… It takes lots of inner work.

Whatever your perspective of Life is, enjoy it. If you don’t… allow for your consciousness to change by not clinging to things in your head, but by learning to trust and follow your heart, that is by being honest with yourself.

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