In our quest to have the “truth,” to be “right,” and to find “meaning in life,” we look for ways to self validate our own worth in the realization that Life otherwise, may be a meaningless trip.

How about a belief in the hierarchies of the afterlife?
How about a belief in a religious system or philosophy to get salvation?
How about the belief of having found the only truth?
How about the belief of having found the only God?

All of the above “searches” are only giving validation to an ego looking to survive, to become something valuable.
To be someone.

“ I have read all the books from this wonderful Guru”
“I have known your holiness, for many years. I am very close with him.”
“ I have the mission to teach humanity.”
“ I am the chosen one.”

Pettiness looking for self-aggrandizement.

A fanatic lives through others. He is on a mission. That mission will give validation to an otherwise, empty life.

“You are a peaceful being” “You are wise.” “You are deep.”
Those are the elements the ego looks for validation.

When that validation turns into a mission in Life, then a fanatic is born.
When many individuals are “part of it” the idea of “righteousness” appears.
Righteousness requires supporters to be “right.”

Observe how we have created many icons to follow in what we call Life: The “Jet-set,” the Glamour of the rich and famous; the world renown experts, the “somebody in a world of unknowns.”
None of that has value in Life beyond the borders of our imagination.

It is meaningless to have read all the books of some Guru unless we have recognized in those books, what we have personally gone through, our own experience. That recognition only gives labels to what we already know. Otherwise, it is just to accumulate more information, like reading Wikipedia. Not “bad,” but a good source of Trivia.

It is meaningless to worship someone. That only shows fear.
It is meaningless to believe in only a particular God, when we have experienced that everyone has their own perception, and that perception has equal validity like anyone else.

I am truly amazed on how this thing which we call “spirituality” has been altered into another fad, another marketing scheme to take advantage of desperate individuals or not so desperate.

That clinging into a philosophy, into an idea creates fanaticism.

This “spirituality” thing is merely to look into yourself.
“Salvation” is within.

Do we want the meaning of Life?
Appreciate it.
Do we want a goal and objective?
Enjoy it.
Do we want to find the truth?
Self-honesty has it.
Do we want to worship something?
Start with Life.
Do we want to know a wonder in Life?
Recognize and acknowledge your own Life.

As much as the “Office world” has taught us to look “outside of us” for meaning, and “spirituality” teaches us to look inside, let us not make the difference between outside and inside… it is all One.

A fanatic will support one side and reject the other.
A “Life walker,” a seeker; embraces all and lives in balance in that unity.


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