Question on changing behavior and changing consciousness

“I receive all your above mention topics through my email, some of the points are too deep for my understanding. But the last one about Suzy her dog her anger and consciousness made lots of sense to me,
Please let me know how to change our conscious in day to day behaviour it makes sense that through applying knowledge you change your behaviour temporary
Also I think I am trustee or instrument but that’s how far I go but the actual change in my feelings do not come also I know I have lots of negativity deep inside, which does not seem to move.”

Thank you for your question for the common good.

Ananda does not teach anything. Ananda merely shares.
Readers, who are able to see in these writings a reflection of their own experience, will understand.
They will see in words what they already know about.
That is all.
No ulterior motives. No promise of salvation. No religious sales pitch included.

Very happy to find out that one of the writings here made sense to you. How did it make sense to you?
Because you have experienced it.
You also found out that change of behavior is not the same as change of consciousness.
How do you know that?
Your own experience.

Now, you are asking me to “tell you how to change consciousness in day to day behavior”?

Obviously, you are asking that because it is not your experience yet, so all the other writings, which actually expressed views about your question, do not make sense to you yet.
See how it works? 🙂

Here I will share something that I have shared before, but this time it will be just for you:

It makes no sense to believe that the “I” can “fix” itself through the adoption of a particular method, for that can only change behavior.

It makes no sense to believe that there is a “good” “me” and a “bad” “me” inside and that Spirituality is about the “good” “me” changing, conquering the “bad” “me.”

If you do that, you will find repression and when you are repressed you will not feel happy and there will be a consequence experienced as a bodily disease, depression, lack of zest for Life, etc.

I am happy to read about your inner honesty.
You have discovered that your feelings do not change, your “negativity” does not change despite your beliefs.

Some may tell you: “Keep believing. It is just a matter of time.”
But you have discovered that consciousness does not change through beliefs.

Let me ask you this.
What would happen if you abandon all your beliefs about yourself?
What would happen if you abandon all the labels that you believe to be?

When you do that, you will be able to observe.
When you observe without thinking: “This is bad. I will be punished. How immoral of me to feel this way. Look all the negativity that I have. I feel bad.”

At that point, observation will happen. “You” will be a “detached observer.”
That is all. The rest will happen by itself.

Do you want a method? Something “new” to repress about you? Some “do not’s” to follow?

No… That is not needed at all.

Let me put it in another way:
This girl “Punky Brewster” shows up on TV. There is something about her that you like. You keep OBSERVING her and then, some of her characteristics magically appear in you. You start acting like Punky.
Did you decide to follow punky? Did you think: “punky is good. I better follow her”?

No. That happened naturally It was in tune with your consciousness. Life offered the opportunity. Obviously, if you observed someone else on TV, you may not have felt the same “chemistry.”

A particular consciousness gives you the opportunity to keep expanding what you are able to perceive. A particular consciousness has a timing, then it will go away unless you want to trap it through a dogmatic view of the world.

When you observe yourself is not about “observing thoughts.”
That is a waste of time.
Become aware of your feelings. Observe your anxiety, observe your anger, observe how they appear without labeling them. Just acknowledge their presence.

There is no need to change anything. You will have the necessary experiences in Life to balance the different energies/feelings that arrive. Trust Life without using a belief to tell you where is the “right place” to go.
Listen to your heart without the cloudiness of beliefs.

Anger is not “bad” neither “good.”
Anger when channeled in a proper way and in the right circumstance, will be helpful. There is no energy inside us, which could be labeled simply as “good or bad.”
It is a matter of sensing the balancing act in Life.

Balance in Life is not about rejecting some things and accepting others. That is repression.

To express anger is not something to be ashamed of.
To hurt someone with our anger will create a consequence that will be experienced by us. We will learn through that experience without the need to label ourselves through the eyes of a belief system. If we knew better, we wouldn’t hurt someone.
To repress our anger will only poison our being.

Please experiment with forgetting about all the things that you think that you “are.”
Those beliefs are creating barriers around you, which will not allow you to explore.
To explore is not “bad.” It is called “living Life.”

When we learn to observe our being, we will discover many things. Acknowledge them.

Learn to observe without further goals or objectives.
You are not observing to become an angel or whatever else you want to think or believe.

You are observing because you are. If you emit judgment, moral value etc. then you will find your beliefs. Once you find your beliefs, you can face them and observe how rejection appears, how contempt for other beliefs appear… basically you will find out how your “reality” is created in your head.

That inner honesty will give you the key for further progress, without looking for it.

May you inner honesty blossom! All the best to you.


  1. Bimla melwani

    Thank you for helping me see what it is all about. Not what others say is right or good but what I feel my insides telling me.


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